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Business intelligence and data analytics have become the potent drivers of growth for banks nowadays. According to IDC those financial institutions who turn to BI and DA observe 82% of quantifiable benefits within 12 months or 45% in 6 months. This includes significant boost in performance, efficiency and speed, according to an April 2015 IDC report entitled Implementing an Analytics Strategy to Accelerate Insight. ProfitGen™, the BI solution invented by Baker Hill®, provides a number of... Read more »

The volume of data loaded on the C-level executives intensifies day by day. Most interestingly the enterprises are way more proficient in producing the big data rather than processing and analyzing it. FI Navigator helps financial institutions and fintech vendors to tame the big data beast for greater quality assurance and analytics in their product and service tactics. FI Navigator specializes in the vertical analytics delivering a web based bank data and analytics platform for quantitative... Read more »

For the most part the needs of customers and big data analytics make the banking world go round nowadays. And when it comes to the needs of customers the most explicit word to describe their preference in the banking experience is “digital”. NYMBUS SmartCore represents the fully digital core banking solution that enables banks and credit unions to manage a myriad of workflows with single sign- on, add personal touch to the customer relationship and glean cross-sell insights from the structured... Read more »

We are knee-deep in a digital transformation era, and yet the banking and insurance industries are struggling to overcome resistance to change and adopt new methods in operational and management processes. As this transformation continues, financial institutions using the right automation solution for core operational elements of the business are experiencing an increase in speed in critical decision making and execution. In the past, it’s been difficult to structure and manage business logic... Read more »

Today many financial and insurance companies realized the importance of consistent and personalized customer experience as a crucial factor for their business success. The customer communications management (CCM) solution GMC Inspire invented by GMC Software helps enterprises to manage and execute customer communications across multiple channels including desktop, web, tablet and mobile. Basically the solution turns all possible touch points of the customer journey into sellable advantages... Read more »

Idea of simplicity has firmly engrained in the busy and active lifestyle of modern people. In the bustling life of big cities users look for the payment solutions that work with the simple push of a button. Transaction happening within minutes is no longer the user preference but more a requirement. In the move towards simplified digital future Wirecard launched boon. -  the first fully digitized mobile payment solution - with Apple Pay based on an automatic app-to-wallet integration, with... Read more »

Nowadays many organizations migrate their IT infrastructure from on-premises applications to the cloud and would like to have a more holistic and dynamic view of their software consumption. PyraCloud is a real-time, single-point access platform for the Software Portfolio Management methodology developed by SoftwareONE. It helps organizations optimize the consumption of their resources and regulate their IT budgets. The main users of PyraCloud in the financial industry can be Chief Financial... Read more »

What does the product do? CustomerXPs’ Clari5 is an enterprise solution that enables commercial banks to detect transactions in real-time that are fraudulent and/or illegal in terms of Anti-Money Laundering/ Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CFT) laws.  Clari5 facilitates compliance with the requirements of the FATF AML global guidelines and United States Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). In several countries, Clari5 also facilitates compliance with the central banks’ requirements for... Read more »

CreditHQ is an online tool developed by Ormsby Street that helps small and medium businesses to evaluate the creditworthiness of their trading partners and manage their own credit reputation. Usually, credit and payment information can be hard to sift through and make sense of, but CreditHQ carries out the data analysis for you and also provides insight based on that analysis to help with the business decision making. Indeed, the tool can even assume the role of trained financial staff by... Read more »

Tagetik Planning For Banks is a packaged solution designed by Tagetik to help Offices of Finance with balance sheet planning, portfolio forecasting, scenario management and analysis. Compared to other vendors the key benefits of Tagetik include common data model, collaborative workflow, interesting data visualisation and fast speed of web–based execution. The solution runs on any browser, tablet or portable device. Its user friendly interface was developed in HTML5. Thanks to a huge set of... Read more »


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