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What does the product do? Founded in 2013 and launched in 2015, Satispay is a new payment network that allows people to send money from a smartphone app that is both simple and secure.
Independent from any specific bank or credit/debit card circuits, Satispay has managed to provide its service while lowering the high commissions that are typical of the electronic payment sector. It is thus the first instrument that is usable for everyday payments: from transfers between friends to buying a... Read more »


What does the product do? s-peek is a web and mobile application that includes information on economic and financial solvency of almost every company in Europe,  which accounts to more than 25 million companies in 40 countries. Simple and easy-to-understand three-colour-scale is used for the ratings, whereby green is for healthy companies, yellow for balanced companies and red is for vulnerable companies. Additionally, any company can access and download any European company`s data with s-peek`... Read more »

What does the product do? The iSignthis Paydentity solution incorporates real time electronic verification which converges authenticated remote payments with Know Your Customer (KYC) verification. By converging payments and identity, our Paydentity solution can deliver regulatory compliance with automated customer on-boarding. The service offers a global reach of any of the world’s 3.5Bn financially included or “banked” persons. Paydentity helps regulated merchants meet strict Anti-Money... Read more »

The Islamic financial services industry is expanding and experiencing tremendous growth day by day that drives new challenges and trends. As an industry leader, Path Solutions offers Islamic financial institutions and microfinance companies cutting-edge software solutions that meet functional requirements in accordance with the Islamic principles of Sharia Law. What Does the System Do? Path Solutions’ flagship iMAL Enterprise Islamic Banking & Investment System is a powerful core banking... Read more »

What does the product do? Fiorano ESB is a microservices-based middleware solution which helps in integrating heterogeneous applications through its codeless configuration based tools. In simple words, it enables different software to talk to each other reliably and effortlessly. It allows you to tie your existing islands of IT systems together for real-time data sharing, cross-system business process management, faster transaction automation and complete visibility across the enterprise.... Read more »

What does the product do? Today, the growth of global economy empowers the rapid increase of cross border transactions. It is important to emphasize that most international money transfers are still transmitted through two-sided correspondent banking relationships that use the 1970’s SWIFT system to accomplish transactions. Hence, Covercy is delineating the 155 Trillion dollar cross border payments market and offering alternative to the SWIFT system.   Covercy is fast growing company, founded... Read more »

Cashaa is a peer-to-peer marketplace for cryptocurrency traders and cash senders, founded in July 2016. Prior to that, it had been operating on a trial basis in Indonesia since April 2016. Cashaa is based in Level 39, a fintech accelerator in

What does the product do? Cashaa is a peer-to-peer marketplace for cryptocurrency traders and cash senders, founded in July 2016. Prior to that, it had been operating on a trial basis in Indonesia since April 2016. Cashaa is based in Level 39, a fintech accelerator in Canary Wharf, London, and is now going to launch publicly in January 2017. Cashaa is developed by Auxesis Group, India`s leading blockchain development company based at IIT Bombay and focused on fintech and blockchain projects... Read more »

Here's a paradox of the Internet age: Even as IT departments ramp up cybersecurity measures, hackers continue to get away with mass attacks on databases, harvesting user information and bank account data, which is successfully used by online crooks to clean out the bank accounts of innocent victims. It seems that no matter how much cybersecurity companies throw at hackers, they're always behind the eight-ball. The folks at BioCatch have noticed this as well – and in response they have taken a... Read more »

Usually when you think of mobile banking apps, the first thing that comes to mind is minimalism, formal design and focus on the functional components. However, the latest apps coming to market go in a slightly different direction, enriching the mobile banking proposition with a layer of personalization and individuality. The Lifestyle Banking App from Urban FT enables banks to engage with customers by bringing financial and social features together in one lifestyle application. Additionally, to... Read more »

As the age old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and the banking world is no different. Specifically, the impression that a bank makes during the First Mile of engagement is crucial to winning over new customers and paving the way for long-term success. The digital onboarding process helps to create an opportunity for banks to not only demonstrate their business capabilities, but at the same time helps to ensure that they are complying with the latest... Read more »


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