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What is the product? One of the products Talentia Software offers is an easy-to-use financial system that consolidates, manages reporting, budgeting, as well as forecasting. The software package has a modular design, which allows a company to select a transition to one financial process at a time suitable to the corporate performance management system or streamline and automate the processes in one go. Who needs the product?   The financial solution is designed for financial organizations of... Read more »

What is FitPay? FitPay is a wholly owned subsidiary of NXT-ID Inc. It provides a licensed technology platform that adds contactless payment capabilities to wearable and IoT devices. It does not require much time to start and investment into software development. Customers will have instant access to the leading payment networks. Overall, FitPay’s solution is consolidated into a wearable and IoT devices that customers can use to make purchases from top worldwide merchants. Who needs the product... Read more »

  A brief summary of the solution iSHRAQ suite presents Sharia-based financial and investment tools to customers specializing in Sharia investments. The solution allows bringing the best of stock markets, mutual funds, portfolio management services, real estate investment, and wealth management services in a Sharia-compliant way. In addition, iSHRAQ*Invest is a secure Internet-based system, optimized to provide maximum performance, scalability and availability to... Read more »

What is the Google Pay? Google has recently announced combination of such payment services, as Google Pay and Android Pay that has turned into the new payment solution, named Google Pay. It is a single name for online, in-store, in-app, and peer-to-peer payments. The new system ensures that payment information saved in your Google account will be available everywhere you use Google products. For instance, Chrome for web purchases, in Youtube, for renewing subscriptions, in app purchases, and at... Read more »

Could you please introduce Pundi X’s POS solution for cryptocurrency?  The Pundi X POS (Point of Sale) smart device enables shops, cafes and convenience stores to sell cryptocurrency to a broad cross section of regular consumers who would otherwise have little or no access to cryptocurrency. In the blockchain ecosystem Pundi X plays the role of a distribution centre for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency - think of it as the ‘7-Eleven’ of blockchains. Traders can sell cryptocurrency and... Read more »

Upon the recent launch of the blockchain testbed for Japanese banks, Director of Digitalware Development Division, Middleware Business Unit at FUJITSU Limited Shinya Echigo has shared exclusive details of the innovative service.  What is blockchain testbed provided for Japanese banks? This is a financial services blockchain technology testbed ecosystem that JBA provides to its member banks. The solution is provided ass PaaS over Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 and the blockchain platform rests on... Read more »

Could you please introduce MoneyMatch and its core services?  MoneyMatch is a FinTech startup from Malaysia that offers a comprehensive fully digital currency exchange platform. MoneyMatch is approved by the Central Bank of Malaysia operating within their FinTech Sandbox. Consumers can use MoneyMatch Transfer to perform cross border remittances for retail customers and cross border payments for corporate customers all fully online with eKYC (one time customer verification digitally) performed... Read more »

With an explosion of digital payment channels, transaction security enhancement has become indispensable for all entities in the payment process - issuers, acquirers, merchants, payment brands, mobile and digital commerce solution providers. The risks and cost of securing a growing volume of transactions to meet regulatory and compliance requirements has increased substantively. According to the Nilson report, October 2016 edition, general purpose and private label credit, debit and prepaid... Read more »

Eurobits Technologies, founded in 2004, is a leading provider of services that enhance development of digital economy through cooperative innovation in advanced digital services.                                          What is the service? Eurobits Technologies provides data aggregation online services, electronic invoicing, and E-banking benchmarking. It allows secure retrieval and delivery of all relevant Financial & Non-Financial end-user online account information, returning it to a... Read more »

PAYMILL is one of the leading payment processing companies in Europe. PAYMILL was founded in 2012 and has become part of the CYBERservices SA Group since 2016. Following the merge with CYBERservices PAYMILL benefits of 16 years experience in the banking industry. What does the product do?  As a payment service provider, PAYMILL enables its customers to accept PayPal and credit/debit card payments directly in their online shop. PAYMILL customers will be able to accept mobile payments, recurring... Read more »


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