Crypto Firms Excel in Technical Expertise But Have Little Understanding of Risk

Breana Patel CEO & Thought Leader in Bank Risk & Regulations at Bonova Advisory/Risk & Regulatory Advisory

Crypto Firms have great technologies that address a lot of challenges and open up an entire new world of Read more »

Meeting customer demand - striking the right balance

Angus Burrell General Manager at AltaPay, a Valitor company

Businesses run on balance sheets – where assets and liabilities are held in equilibrium. If a business Read more »

Brand Protection: Combating Online Counterfeit with AI

Brandon Li Product manager at Austreme

Online sales of branded and luxury items have been rising drastically, in the recent decade. While all Read more »

Using Cloud to Relieve the Compliance Burden

Javid Khan Chief Cloud Officer at Pulsant

A recent survey of more than 360 enterprises revealed that 86% are dealing with the complexity of Read more »

Fingerprint on the Pulse: Biometric Payment News

Lina Adolf-Orup Global Product Marketing Manager at Fingerprints

It’s quite hard to believe that we’re already entering Q4. For the biometrics industry, it’s been a Read more »

New Technologies create new opportunities in trade finance and working capital

John Bertrand Head of Solutions at Cognizant

At Sibos 2014 in Boston blockchain was the talk of the show and the movement towards adoption of new Read more »

PSD2: The real RTS deadline is closer than banks think

Marten Nelson Co-Founder and CMO at Token

Let’s work backwards. Most banks know that the final deadline to comply with PSD2’s Regulatory Technical Read more »

Brex - not Brexit - is the shape of things to come

Alexander Peschkoff CEO at Trusted

There are a lot of discussions on LinkedIn about the Brex duo - two 22-year olds who built a Read more »

eComms Compliance Challenges under MiFID II and MAR

Shiran Weitzman Co-Founder & CEO at Shield FC

In today financial markets, compliance officers face a haystack of digital information to sift through, Read more »

The battle for ATMs. How criminals break into self-service devices today

Tomas Augucevičius Deputy General Director at BS/2

Hacking ATMs with malicious software or traditional physical attacks is becoming one of the most Read more »


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