How banks can strengthen relationships with their SME customers – Five Top Tips

Russell Bennett Chief Technology Officer at Fraedom

SMEs make up the vast majority of businesses across the UK and with many focused on rapid and dynamic Read more »

Banking and payment predictions for 2019 from Gemalto

Howard Berg Senior Vice President at Gemalto

The rise of digital identities The meshing of the physical and digital world will bring significant Read more »

Open Banking standards and new technologies will bring innovation to financial services

Frederik Mennes Senior Manager Market & Security Strategy at Security Competence Center

One of the most important trends we’ll see in 2019 is the global adoption of Open Banking, especially in Read more »

Managing Risk in the Era of Customer Experience

Andrew Davies VP, Global Market Strategy, Financial Crime Risk Management at Fiserv

Delivering an excellent customer experience and managing risk are among financial institutions’ top Read more »

Tony Pepper, CEO of Egress Software Technologies comments on Fax machines banned across the NHS

Tony Pepper CEO at Egress Software Technologies

It is difficult to believe that such an outdated and unsecure system is still being used by the NHS when Read more »

The Insurtech Revolution: a Survival Guide

Jerome Bugnet Industry technology evangelist at MuleSoft

The insurance industry is undergoing massive change as traditional providers race to digitally transform Read more »

Insurtech: time to get intelligent about solutions

Graham Elliott CEO at Azur

The Turing test famously proposes that if a personcannot reliably distinguish between a machine and a Read more »

XR technology's potential in finance

Makoto Shirota General Manager/ Senior Researcher Digital Platform Development Department at NRI

What are VR, AR and MR? XR (extended reality or cross reality), an umbrella term that encompasses Read more »

Reflections on Our Growth in 2018 and Beyond

Juan Benitez GM at Braintree

Can’t stop, won’t stop This year marks the fifth anniversary of our acquisition by PayPal. We’ve Read more »

7 future tech trends driven by human behaviour

Jibran Ahmed Managing Principal at Capital Markets

Predicting the future of any industry is not just about picking which technologies will go mainstream, Read more »


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