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Alternative lending is on the rise with the new players challenging the old-school banks in terms of speed and safety of credit products they provide. The only reason why they are able to match and outperform the traditional lenders is technology. Thanks to FinTech advancements, the lending space entry barriers are now incredibly low and smaller lenders have access to the level of automation previously accessible only to multi-billion corporations. And TurnKey Lender is the company that leads... Read more »

What is the solution? Since 1992 CASHBOOK has gained tremendous experience in building intelligent cash management software solutions that maximize the automation of high volume transactions. The company offers a wide mix of finance and technology expertise enabling automation of high volume financial transactions for large organizations all over the world.  Source: CASHBOOK What is the demand for the solution? Oftentimes cost allocation is a manual and time-consuming process that requires... Read more »

What is the solution? PrePay Solutions is one of the most complete and innovative prepaid platforms available in Europe. It is an in-house, multilingual, multicurrency-processing platform that is entirely designed for the prepaid market. The leading edge processing platform is created to support many different transactions, from card generation through to expiry.  What is the demand for the service?  Prepaid cards serve as an alternative to traditional bank accounts. The reduced risk of losing... Read more »

A brief summary of the solution Path Solutions offers iWINDOW solution for Islamic window operations of conventional banks. This complete financial system provides financial institutions with functionality covering Customer Service Management (Retail and Corporate Banking), Financing operations, Trade Finance operations and Financial Accounting and Reporting that are fully compliant with the Sharia rules and regulations.   The idea to develop the solution Islamic finance is a singularity that... Read more »

ABOUT THE SOLUTION axiomaBlue is an innovative cloud-based environment that provides best-of-breed solutions and tools enabling investment managers to cost efficiently create, implement and scale unique investment strategies. It is a “no compromises” native product that provides fully interoperable and integrated access to Axioma’s entire suite of solutions, such as:  Multi-asset-class risk management Portfolio construction and optimization Performance attribution Custom risk models and... Read more »

What is the solution? The Auto Collection system is a robust collections software solution that is introduced to reduce and mitigate risk of managing past due or delinquent accounts. This automated system monitors the customer’s accounts which have unpaid arrears in order to track any amount that becomes available, and blocks it against these arrears, before being drawn or used by the customer. ICS BANKS Auto Collection System drives efficiency by providing the financial institution with the... Read more »

BitGo is a blockchain software company that offers secure storage of digital currency for institutional investors. BitGo technology provides solutions to its most difficult security, compliance, and custodial problems related to blockchain-based currencies, allowing the integration of digital currency into the global financial system. The list of BitGo’s customers includes world’s largest crypto exchanges and financial institutions, conducting over $10 billion transactions monthly.   What is... Read more »

  Kamakura Corporation is known as world’s leading provider of risk management information, risk management software and risk management consulting. Founded in 1990, the company offers wide range of services that have proven its effectiveness and reliability over the past decades. Moreover, Kamakura Corporation’s expertise is portrayed in its constant efforts to provide research-based, transparent, and accurate information and services to its clients worldwide. This time one of the Kamakura’s... Read more »

PensionBee provides a solution for people who change their jobs often and may leave their pensions behind. PensionBee FinTech start-up has been established in UK and aims to deliver its services to UK pension savers, while planning to expand further. The project's main mission is to make pension management as simple as possible. PensionBee Personal Pension aims to: Help users accumulate their retirement savings in a tax-efficient way Give users more flexibility and control over management of... Read more »

What is the solution? FactSet’s solution for investment managers is a unique set of tools that provide needed information to save time and make effective decisions quickly. Moreover, it allows understanding a portfolio’s true exposure to geopolitical risk, macroeconomic factors, and market conditions using FactSet GeoRev data, or uncover interconnected relationships within stock portfolio that may impact overall performance. What is the demand for the solution? Frequently, decision-making... Read more »


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