Financial IT Summer Edition 2019
The View from Amsterdam 417 Years after the invention of the multi-national corporation, what are the themes that matter? Money 20/20 Europe takes place this year in Amsterdam on 3-5 June. Given the city’s contributions to global economic and financial history over the centuries – including the formation of the world’s first modern multi-national corporation, the Dutch East India Company,...
Financial IT Spring Issue 2019
The Money 20/20 Asia conference takes place in Singapore on 19-21 March. The city-state has long hosted successful large scale conferences. Singapore has also long been recognised as a place where it is easy to establish and operate financial services and Information Technology (IT) businesses.  What makes this conference special is that it is one of the first landmark forums for people...
Financial IT Winter Issue 2019
Financial IT magazine has been published continuously now for over five years. A comparison of the earliest editions with the more recent editions is striking. Relative to early 2014, far more of the articles that we publish have been contributed by financial institutions and far more have been contributed by IT companies that are, by most metrics, large and long-lived. This is significant for...
Financial IT December Issue 2018
One of the lead articles in this edition of Financial IT highlights how banks will continue to beexcited about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 2019. There will be experimentation involving AI.There will be investment in AI. However, mainstream adoption of AI solutions are unlikely. This is partly because the demands of clients are complex and increasingly sophisticated. Chatbots...
Financial IT October Issue 2018
The arrival of Open Banking is a key reason why the world of financial services in October 2018, as this year’s Sibos conference gets underway in Sydney, is different from the world of financial services one year previously, at the time of the Sibos conference in Toronto. The second Payments Services Directive (PSD2) of the European Union (EU) came into force on 13 January 2018; the EU’s General...


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