Financial IT Special Money 20/20 Issue-June 2017
Most of the organizations that take part in the Money 20/20 Europe event, which takes place in Copenhagen at the end of June 2017 can loosely be defined as financial institutions or FinTechs. However, the scope of the conference goes way beyond the financial sector...
Financial IT April & May Issue 2017
We deliberately try to base each edition of Financial IT on a particular theme or topic, and one that runs through the vast majority of the articles that we include. This enables us to produce a series of actionable commercial insights that relate to the present...
Financial IT March Issue 2017
January 2018 will see the formal introduction of the European Union’s new (second) Payments Services Directive (PSD2) . PSD2 recognizes that the world has changed dramatically since the introduction of the original Payments Services Directive (PSD) in 2007, which...
Financial IT February Issue 2017
This edition of Financial IT, the first for 2017, is one of the most important that we have ever produced. Yet again, the articles and interviews that are included cover a huge variety of topics that are relevant to the intersection of financial services with IT. As...
Financial IT December Issue 2016
In the coming months, mainstream media headlines will continue to feature political developments that at least appear more momentous than those of previous years. However, taken together, the articles in this edition of Financial IT indicate that the pace of change in...


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