Financial IT January Issue 2016
Welcome to 2016. It will likely be a challenging year for investors and financial institutions. However, FinTech providers will be able to make it a little less challenging.
Financial IT Special Sibos & GTDW Issue 2015
Innovation will continue to drive deal-making and capital raisings across virtually all parts of the fintech universe in 2016 and beyond. Meanwhile, fintech companies will continue to have access to the funding that they need – in spite of the recent volatility in...
Financial IT Special Sibos Issue 2014
Any change that can promote the expansion of the global economy is change for the good. Taking into account common sense, economic theory and, indeed, the very raison d’être of the World Trade Organization (WTO), such change would include a move towards freer trade in...
Financial IT Spring/Summer Issue 2014
In the previous edition of Financial IT, we observed that change in the global financial system is being driven by innovation which, in turn is being driven by technology. We also explained how the technology revolves around the adoption of the standards which underpin...
Financial IT Summer Issue 2013
SIBOS always brings with it hope, as banks and software suppliers combine to debate issues and present the latest technological innovations. Each SIBOS also represents a milestone as the financial community moves forward, coming to terms with the latest regulatory...


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