Financial IT December Issue 2016
In the coming months, mainstream media headlines will continue to feature political developments that at least appear more momentous than those of previous years. However, taken together, the articles in this edition of Financial IT indicate that the pace of change in that part of the universe where IT intersects with financial services is accelerating. Some of the developments that are discussed...
Money20/20 Issue
This edition of Financial IT magazine brings to you a continuation of the recent discussions we have had with some of the brightest minds in the fintech industry at SIBOS 2016 in Geneva. This issue also promises a strong collection of inspiring articles that address the hottest topics of the Money20/20 conference currently taking place in Las Vegas.
Financial IT Special Sibos 2016 Issue
Disruption is normally seen as being bad news for incumbents. This is not necessarily the case. The previous edition of Financial IT provided a comprehensive overview of Blockchain. This edition of Financial IT, whose publication coincides with the Sibos conference taking place in Geneva on 26-29 September, covers the other main source of disruption for financial...
Financial IT August Issue 2016
The time has come to stop talking about the characteristics of BLOCKCHAIN and to start realizing its promise. This is the uncompromising view of one of the financial IT leaders whom we interviewed for this edition of Financial IT. We agree entirely. Financial institutions and IT companies have been collaborating in order to get a better understanding of Blockchain...
Financial IT June Issue 2016
This edition of Financial IT is being published in the wake of the momentous referendum in the UK which – for now – appears likely to result in Brexit, the departure of that country from the European Union (EU). Brexit will likely continue to dominate headlines in the mainstream media of Europe and some other parts of the world for months because of the massive...


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