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  • 26.09.2022 05:32 pm

Islamic investing is grounded in Islamic finance principles, which aims to meet investors’ financial needs with integrity and in a manner that is fair, trustworthy, honest and ensures a more equitable wealth distribution. Islamic investing is beginning to be seen not only as a religiously guided investment but also as an ethical form of investing that promotes real economic activities that are socially desirable.

An End-to-end Investment Management solution.

ETHIX NG is the system of choice for banks and financial institutions to bring their global Investments and Treasury business into a single platform. Encompassing an array of the pre-configured, customizable treasury, capital markets and investment products.
Our holistic solution fosters rapid time-to-market for new products, allowing organizations to transform the market with scalable offerings.

Standards matter

Built on authentic Islamic concepts under the AAOIFI body. Providing Islamic investments with the capability to be structured in a number of complex ways.
Managing and tracking KPIs at portfolio, asset class & instrument level whether private, public or cash.

Portfolio Management

Streamline all your front-to-back operation with a comprehensive asset management system ETHIX NG manages investment portfolios, accounting, reporting, and client-related tasks within one powerful investment management platform. It offers a rich palette of features that facilitates the management of the financial institutions assets and customers’ assets.

the ample selection of various asset classes include listed shares, unlisted shares, bonds, Sukuk, private equities, funds, Real estate, Money market and fiduciary deposits, etc., with high classification and management of portfolios based on classes, groups and types (Client, Institutional, Fund, and Direct Investment).

Fund Management

Each fund is a separate legal entity with its own assets and liability structures in books and financials, cash and shares dividends management and NAV and Fund Fees processing.

Controlling and maintaining both single and multiple funds, offers a comprehensive toolbox of manual and automatic processes and transactions such as capital addition, reduction, corporate events, expected and confirmed NAV subscriptions, unit-based or amount-based subscriptions, redemptions, customer payment, unit transfer, re-issue, split merge of certificates, etc.

ETHIX Fund covers different mutual funds types such as Equity Fund, Real Estate Fund, Money Market and Fixed Income Fund, Fund of Funds, Private Equity Funds, Mixed Fund, etc.

Treasury Management

The solution for all global treasury operations, such as, foreign exchange, fixed income, equity, and various treasury products including wide-ranging Islamic contracts and instruments.

ETHIX NG facilitates substantial daily trading volumes and instantly updated open positions. Wrapped in a Treasury focused design allows banks to organize their treasury business with minimum operational cost and maximum productivity and supports money market and foreign exchange transactions and capital market transactions.

Integration capabilities

ETHIX-NG with its embedded Middleware and API Management tool manages all internal and external integrations with minimal configuration and thanks for the ready-made integration components that facilitate all kinds of integrations as Fintech, SWIFT MT/MX (ISO20022) besides the specialized Investment related integration as the integration with Order Management system, Market data providers, Brokers, Custodians and other parties.

Effective back-office management

Effective back-office management to define processing rules such as maker-checker requirements or exception processing rules based on business criteria like transaction size, currency, counter party etc.

Features include real-time limit monitoring, position management, calculations exposure to inform hedging decisions, warnings, and international actions of breached market limits to allow treasurers to assess risk on positions across the organization, Flexible and intelligent repayment calculation and scheduling engine catering multiple principal and pro t schedules, and optimized treasury administration for asset and liability, foreign exchange, equities, and hedge instruments.

Compliant customer onboarding

ETHIX-NG Customer Management interface is a multi-channel customer on-boarding solution that is intuitive, interactive, and user-friendly. The interface provides online customer opening forms that can be accessed at any time and from any device while remaining fully compliant with regulatory standards such as Blacklist, FATCA, CRS, AML, Risk Rating and Credit Rating.

Intuitive & agile

Designed with a three-decade-long understanding of customer onboarding related challenges, the ETHIX NG Customer Management interface is smart, comprehensive, and simple. Users have the flexibility to complete online applications in one session or save intermittently and come back later for completion. The flexibility of ETHIX NG Customer Management’s Configurability provides a future-proof solution that helps financial institutions adapt to a dynamic market and changing customer needs.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

With improved turnaround times and enhanced services, higher risk tolerance level and de-risking of business processes, ETHIX NG guarantees higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Simple and fast

ETHIX-NG easily captures customer data from external sources with automatic data population making the customer onboarding experience faster and easier. The Card Reader can be used with identification documents including CIVIL ID cards, with data auto fetched and pre-filled into the application form reducing the need for additional typing or validation steps. ETHIX-NG also supports multiple biometrics for verification throughout the customer on-boarding journey in addition to allowing digital signature handling to support organisations aiming for a paperless workplace.

Supporting Exposure Control

ETHIX NG Limit Management Engine support the management of a financial institutions’ exposure due to customer activities. The dynamic Engine configures all limits aspects, including group and single limits, country limits, transactional limits and operational limits in regard to the Finance, Treasury, and Trade Finance operations.

Facilitating Workflow

ETHIX NG Limit Management Engine is an integral part of the operations performed by Users facilitating effective and efficient limit checking and utilization, with the Limit Engine controlling whether a transaction proceeds based on limit availability. The Limit Management Engine provides financial institutions with the flexibility to define different lines of credit and or facilities to the customer that are both revolving and non-revolving, in addition to commercial and business credit lines, with the ability to set up commissions on unused balance limits with flexible maintenance for customer limits.

Seamless supplier management

ETHIX NG 3rd Party Engine is a powerful tool that allows financial institutions to seamlessly manage process flows with 3rd party suppliers by defining and maintaining information on any party that provide services, such as physical assets, maintenance or construction.

Robust Operational Reporting

ETHIX NG Reporting Engine supports financial institutions with day-to-day activity reporting requirements, providing a full view of operational details that reflect the institution’s current activities.

360 real time dashboard

ETHIX-NG 3rd Party Engine provides a centralized 360 dashboard that enables users to summarize complex information and present it in an easily digestible way. The real time dashboard, which is automatically updated by the latest data set available, provides a simple visualisation of the different processes for each 3rd party entity, defining the payments and collection process along with the sales incentive schema if applicable.

Centralized Messaging Repository

ETHIX NG delivers a built in SWIFT Engine with an architecture designed to help financial institutions connect seamlessly to the SWIFT network. As the Centralised Repository for all Outgoing and incoming SWIFT messages, the SWIFT Engine provides institutions with the ability to differentiate between Internal and External SWIFT messages and connect to the corresponding network while sending messages.

Adaptable & Accessible

The Reporting Engine enables financial institutions to categorize reports into groups and sub-groups with security authentication for categorized report accessibility. ETHIX NG Reporting Engine provides compelling convenience and shareability, allowing reports to be easily directed to multiple channels such as printers, email, SMS and the flexibility to extract these reports in multiple formats, such as excel, PDF HTML.

Next Generation reporting

General Ledger (GL) and Accounting is the backbone of any financial solution. ETHIX-NG GL & Accounting module is a powerful engine that meets the financial reporting needs of financial institutions.

Customizable & intuitive

ETHIX NG provides financial institutions with the flexibility to define a custom chart of account, select preferred segmentation, and the right totalling structure, and with automatic re-evaluation of foreign currency transactions, ETHIX NG provides intuitive reporting functionality.

Complete security

Establishing security for GL accounts is crucial. ETHIX-NG meets this need in one single step with GL Access feature enabling access rights to be assigned according to defined user privileges.

About ITS

International Turnkey Systems (ITS Group) provides advanced technology solutions for banks, government, and other private sector organizations across a wide array of industry, with demonstrated technology competencies and high-end skill capabilities that support client’s critical business functions Headquartered in the State of Kuwait, with R&D facilities in Kuwait and Cairo and a presence throughout the Middle East, Africa, the Americas, the Caribbean and the Russian Commonwealth (CIS), ITS Global Business Solutions Development Center (GBS) in Cairo delivers Managed Services globally, bringing expertise to all stages of the software development process, and providing the support companies need to transition from legacy systems to new technologies. Our award-winning flagship solutions package, ETHIX, supports the digital transformation of financial institutions and is trusted by leading banks worldwide.

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