Trust Payments

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  • 03.08.2022 10:00 am

What does the product do?

Trust Payments specialise in frictionless payments and value-added services by providing on-demand Payments and Banking-as-a-Service to help businesses grow and scale online, in-store, and mobile. Services and tools such as loyalty management and instant eCommerce combine to create engaging, new and innovative payment methods.

Who needs the product?

Small and medium-sized businesses across the UK, EU, and the US - an industry frequently struggling to deploy digital strategies due to a lack of funding, time and resources. 

What is special about the product?

Trust Payments holds the licensing to carry out payments, which means their innovative technology drives value through personalised services, secure and frictionless payments, and creative products. The level of investment Trust Payment has in data, a key area of competitive advantage, means SMEs can deploy digitalisation quickly and easily. Providing SMEs with the ability to combine payments with another experience, for example, a shopping cart or alternative payments for contactless, offers brands a personalised entry into the US, EU and UK markets.

What features are relevant?

SMEs can easily integrate Trust Payments’ systems into existing tech stacks. Trust Payments gives businesses a choice of entry with an advanced stack of APIs and other technology integration points. They have an extensive network of partners giving SMEs access to millions of tools and features.

An example of the key features includes payments-as-a-service (streamlining sales channels with smart payments, crypto and tokenisation online and offline), hassle-free finance and an e-commerce platform to go direct to consumers with AI and SEO channels to amplify reach. Trust Payments provide everything SMEs need to accept payments from customers globally with omnichannel payments and 24/7customer support and a dedicated local account manager.

Who is the competition?

The fintech industry is a saturated marketplace and there are many established and challenger brands offering payment solutions. For our recently launched e-commerce platform Stor, Shopify would be the obvious answer, however, Trust Payments offers a unique selling proposition that maximises the use of partner services, features and tools to layer tech infrastructure in a tailored way that has never been done before. 

What are some real case examples?

Trust Payments partnered with Guestline to offer a payment solution to hoteliers for all their payment needs, including payment platform services. In almost 3,000 hoteliers in 25 countries, Trust Payments delivers a unified payments solution to enable global pay-in, pay-out, and customer journey technologies, linking merchant acquiring, e-commerce, and POS devices.

The initiative reduces fraud, chargebacks, manual processes, costs and reporting in a transparent interface. Another benefit is securing revenue for hoteliers by enabling guests to settle their invoices or deposit payments before check-in.

The partnership is revolutionising the customer experience in the hospitality industry by providing an end-to-end solution embedded into Guestline’s systems. Trust Payments are deeply integrated into Guestline connection points, so when customers book online and check into a hotel, all their information is in one simple to access quick and secure place. 

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