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  • 04.07.2022 10:27 am

Online payments are becoming an integral part of every consumer’s daily life. The challenges posed by recent crises in global market accelerated the growth of fintech companies and gave birth to new ones, thus offering diverse options for making purchases online. The needs and requirements of a modern customer are getting sophisticated, including data protection, multi-currency options, and unique user experiences.

As both individuals and corporate clients are looking for easier, faster, and cheaper ways to complete their online payments, we are going to look through the working process of EPN’s multi-currency crypto wallets and debit cards.

EPN and “no limits” feature

At a glance, EPN is a fintech platform for quick and secure payments. In order to accomplish the company’s primary mission, EPN released a unique solution, which decreases the inefficiencies and excessive fees for international online payments.

EPN assists affiliate marketers in expanding their advertising potential and businesses by offering "no limits" feature with all cards clients might need. A variety of currencies, including BTC, USDT, USD, and EUR, makes it easier to manage spending and profits.

As a matter of fact, customers of EPN can store and exchange numerous currencies, including crypto assets, in a secure manner. The exchange process is instant and as simple as adding BTC or USDT into EPN account and then converting them to USD.

EPN's objective is to provide minimal costs and reasonable exchange rates, which necessitates a transparent pricing structure. There are no hidden costs; all account transactions are visible. Customers of EPN are able to transfer payments between users.

Debit cards in 3 clicks

There is no need to visit a brick-and-mortar bank or any other financial institution to receive a debit card. Consider issuing a first debit card in 3 clicks with a fully functioning accounting system: transfers, history, withdrawals.

EPN’s debit cards provide safe, convenient transactions with checking account funds through the platform. Two types of debit cards are available for EPN’s clients – universal cards ($15 per month, 8% deposit fee) and advertisement cards ($10 per month, 6% deposit fee).

On the consumer side, that implies EPN supplying debit cards as a new way to spend account funds. In B2B environment, corporate card issuing has expanded spend management capabilities.

Fintech and non-fintech organisations are offering debit and credit cards to customers because it's easier than before. As barriers to entry were lovered during the last five years, EPN’s success has made card issuing with the help of developer-friendly technologies.

EPN’s multi-currency crypto wallets

"Wallet" is the section of the Account that can be refilled with Bitcoins and USDT via the company’s support service available 24/7, representing the number of Virtual Items received in return for Bitcoins and owned by the user. One account can have numerous Wallets, and the type of wallet means a currency wallet.

The best thing about wallets is their supportability of desktop platforms. EPN has assembled all the features a user might need to purchase, exchange, send, and manage the crypto-coins of customers with multiple deposit methods. This allows clients to fund their fund wallets and keep their businesses active.

Wallets are the safest place to store one’s assets, which also allows one to keep track of the expenses and maintain financial stability. The latest technologies allow keeping the fees minimal and completing the transactions within a matter of seconds.

Privacy is important

The privacy policy of the company guarantees the security of collected personal data in terms of security. As EPN’s data protection mechanisms help to avoid fraud, hacking, phishing, and identity theft, consumers can be sure of the absence of data loss risks.

 As the interests of the users are a top priority, they are notified of any changes in the privacy policy firsthand. Typically, these changes are required by regulators as the latest technologies and client preferences constantly require updates and improvement.


We are living in a turbulent period of time, when fast and secure payments are already taken for granted. It is more important to trust your data and funds to an aspiring fintech company, where the main value is customer data protection.

It is very convenient to use the payments platform with exclusive content and unique user experiences. With EPN navigation has never been so easy and fast, so it is the right time to go and test the platform right now: https://epn.net/wallets


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