Connected Onboarding

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  • 04.08.2023 06:41 pm

Connected Onboarding unifies people, processes and data to reduce the risk of onboarding, accelerate the time to revenue, improve the user experience and empower business users with complete control of the onboarding journey. The solution provides complete visibility, automation and management of a guided onboarding experience, allowing both internal stakeholders of the financial services organization and its clients to understand the state of onboarding and outstanding tasks. It leverages existing systems and data, and appeals to IT and a much wider audience - those business users and buyers who have historically been suspicious of IT complex development and COTS solutions that turn out to be brittle and near impossible to adapt to their business needs as their business grows. 

Customers can use Connected Onboarding standalone or alongside Connected KYC and/or Connected Servicing. The solutions share data (crucially, the Customer record), interfaces, and actions. 


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