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BitGo is a blockchain software company that offers secure storage of digital currency for institutional investors. BitGo technology provides solutions to its most difficult security, compliance, and custodial problems related to blockchain-based currencies, allowing the integration of digital currency into the global financial system. The list of BitGo’s customers includes world’s largest crypto exchanges and financial institutions, conducting over $10 billion transactions monthly.   What is... Read more »

  Kamakura Corporation is known as world’s leading provider of risk management information, risk management software and risk management consulting. Founded in 1990, the company offers wide range of services that have proven its effectiveness and reliability over the past decades. Moreover, Kamakura Corporation’s expertise is portrayed in its constant efforts to provide research-based, transparent, and accurate information and services to its clients worldwide. This time one of the Kamakura’s... Read more »

PensionBee provides a solution for people who change their jobs often and may leave their pensions behind. PensionBee FinTech start-up has been established in UK and aims to deliver its services to UK pension savers, while planning to expand further. The project's main mission is to make pension management as simple as possible. PensionBee Personal Pension aims to: Help users accumulate their retirement savings in a tax-efficient way Give users more flexibility and control over management of... Read more »

What is the solution? FactSet’s solution for investment managers is a unique set of tools that provide needed information to save time and make effective decisions quickly. Moreover, it allows understanding a portfolio’s true exposure to geopolitical risk, macroeconomic factors, and market conditions using FactSet GeoRev data, or uncover interconnected relationships within stock portfolio that may impact overall performance. What is the demand for the solution? Frequently, decision-making... Read more »

A brief summary of the open banking API Particeep designs its solutions in order to remove any technological barrier for financial institutions wishing to distribute online their products and services. Particeep offers banks an open banking API to make accessible through a single integration and securely their repository of products and services, pricing elements, partners offers to scale online their sales strategy. Their data and products are then easily available on any web/ mobile platforms... Read more »

What is the solution?   Riskalyze introduces Compliance Cloud, an award-winning technology that provides greater efficiency in managing investment data, while staying compliant  with newly established regulations. It empowers greater control over personal investment accounts, easy identification, and prioritization of issues, which require timely attention. Moreover, it allows monitoring personal account information, streamlining case management and resolving issues before regulators take... Read more »

In this age of digital evolution, small businesses need all the help they can get to survive among big businesses but most are cut-off from getting loans to help their businesses. Fintech establishment came to the rescue. This establishment provided ways for this business to save money, be more efficient, and build better customer relationship; there is thousands of reason to adopt a swift-working method in running the affairs of your company, regardless of your place in the market. Don’t get... Read more »

What is the solution? nCino bank introduces nCino Bank Operating System, a secure and truly innovative cloud-based solution that provides bankers with real insight into the banking via combining various essential processes. The end-to-end solution combines customer relationship management (CRM), loan origination, workflow, enterprise content management, and instant reporting capabilities on a single platform, which allows financial institutions to operate more efficiently.  What is the demand... Read more »

What is the product? One of the products Talentia Software offers is an easy-to-use financial system that consolidates, manages reporting, budgeting, as well as forecasting. The software package has a modular design, which allows a company to select a transition to one financial process at a time suitable to the corporate performance management system or streamline and automate the processes in one go. Who needs the product?   The financial solution is designed for financial organizations of... Read more »

What is FitPay? FitPay is a wholly owned subsidiary of NXT-ID Inc. It provides a licensed technology platform that adds contactless payment capabilities to wearable and IoT devices. It does not require much time to start and investment into software development. Customers will have instant access to the leading payment networks. Overall, FitPay’s solution is consolidated into a wearable and IoT devices that customers can use to make purchases from top worldwide merchants. Who needs the product... Read more »


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