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  • 27.01.2022 12:01 pm

What does the AIX Platform do?

Alternative Investment Exchange (AIX) is an enterprise technology platform purpose-built to streamline the alternative investments process for everyone involved.  By conforming to each clients’ product structures, workflows, and technology, AIX drives real, transformational change that reduces friction, creates value, and grows the alternative investment industry. 

In a traditional paper-based alts investing process, it can be hard to get a hold of all the data required to process a transaction. Information can get stuck, lost, or inaccurately relayed, causing major hiccups and headaches.

The AIX Platform completely transforms the alts investing process, which has long been held back by a pervasive lack of connectivity and visibility. AIX is thoughtfully and intentionally designed to better connect the broader alternative investment industry through the power of data.

Who needs the AIX Platform?

The AIX Platform is designed to help:

  • Wealth Managers wanting to offer alternative investments to their clients without the operational nightmare and associated risks of an entirely paper-based investment process.

  • Fund Managers seeking to administer alternative investments without a high degree of manual intervention and distributing through channels that require a high level of digital automation.

  • Custodians looking to offer custody services for alt investments and having to continually stay on top of new product structures, changing regulations, custom data sets and manual processes.

  • Transfer agents and fund administrators wanting to administer alternative investments without the high degree of manual intervention required to open accounts and onboard new customers

What's special about it?

AIX is the only enterprise technology platform built for alternative investments. It provides an all-digital platform that works well with others thereby reducing administrative headaches, eliminating unnecessary operating costs, and making it easier to attract, onboard and service a growing number of accounts.

The AIX Platform is developed and maintained by a team composed of people with backgrounds in the alternatives industry. Their extensive and relevant experience allows them to understand their clients’ pain points.

The AIX technology infrastructure was painstakingly developed to meet the nuanced needs of the markets and clients they serve. These thoughtful measures, coupled with AIX’s engineering expertise, have uniquely equipped the solution to revolutionize the alts investing process.

AIX empowers multiple distribution channels to cover the full spectrum of the alts industry. This includes broker-dealers, RIAs, wire houses and direct to investor.

AIX conforms to each clients’ product structures, workflows, and technology. It is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It adapts to the way clients work, not the other way around

AIX connects the broader network of players in the alts investing process, including wealth managers, asset managers, custodians, transfer agents and fund administrators.

AIX enables ease of business across all stages throughout the alts investing process—from buying to owning to selling.

What features are relevant?

  • The AIX Platform supports all types of alternative investment product structures (such as private equity funds, 1031 exchanges, REITs and more)

  • The AIX Platform integrates all of a clients’ key partners; facilitating and integrating custodian and fund sponsor forms, education and diligence providers, as well as data from preferred providers into a seamless experience.

  • AIX partners with compliance teams and education providers like AI Insight to enforce training requirements and verify suitability in real time, preventing issues before they occur and mitigating risk at the outset.

  • AIX helps to digitally automate subscriptions, account maintenance and repurchasing, and provides support throughout the entire lifecycle of an investment. 

  • AIX Platform is easily configurable, and the team is consultative in its approach, continually working to support every client’s strategy.

Who are some competitors?

iCapital Network and CAIS



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