CTERA 7.0-your files. your cloud.

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  • 14.05.2021 01:15 pm

What does the product do?

The CTERA global file system enables HQ-grade file services experiences from any edge location or device. CTERA 7.0 empowers enterprises to modernise every aspect of their legacy file infrastructure across remote offices, work-from-home, VDI, and mobile – without compromising performance or security.

Who needs the product?

Organisations struggling to close IT gaps as they shift from the traditional workplace to the post-pandemic hybrid environment. Corporate NAS and file servers were not meant to be accessed over home networks, and security and performance issues have hindered enterprises as they seek to extend corporate data to the edge.

What is special about the product? 

CTERA 7.0 sets a new bar for multi-cloud global file systems, offering the fastest, most secure, and most feature-rich platform in the industry.

What features are relevant?

  • CTERA Direct. A high-speed file transfer protocol that can synchronize at an industry-best throughput of over 30TB/day per site. The new patented protocol was designed to power the edge-to-cloud data management of creative content production and other data-rich environments, and also improve responsiveness also for WFH users who need to access their files remotely.
  • CTERA Zones. Allows enterprises to dynamically segment their global file system into any number of geographic locations to prevent data access from unauthorised sites and meet data sovereignty and compliance requirements.
  • CTERA Migrate. A built-in migration engine that enables automated data import from legacy filers such as NetApp, Dell EMC, and Windows Server, with full perseveration of folder structures and permissions. 
  • CTERA MacAssist. New enhancements include Mac Spotlight and Finder integration for a consistent macOS file experience across local drives, cloud shares, and iOS devices, ensuring the productivity and happiness of creative professionals working with large video files and media assets.  

Who is the competition?

Legacy file storage – NetApp filers, Windows File Servers, et al

What are some real case examples?

Jeff Newman, an IT Architect at American multinational manufacturing company W. L. Gore & Associates: “CTERA 7.0 has been a game-changer for us, offering an automated migration utility that has made it easier and faster for us to migrate data and retire remote servers across our locations in Europe.”   

Kyle Edsall, VP Technology, Glenn Davis Group, an integrated branding agency: “As we faced the limitations of our on-premises storage infrastructure, our investigation into cloud and object storage-based platforms culminated in the CTERA global file system. Every IT decision should remove barriers to growth; we're pleased this decision has done just that and more, and are excited by the CTERA 7.0 benefits of further improved performance and macOS usability.”


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