Scality ARTESCA-Only Cloud-native Storage That Is Lightweight and True Enterprise Grade

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  • 03.05.2021 02:49 pm
  • What does the product do?

Scality ARTESCA is a new application-centric, developer-friendly, and cloud-first object storage platform designed for an emerging breed of cloud-native, AI/ML, analytics, and in-memory workloads. Lightweight and easy to deploy, it offers an app-centric ability to view and manage data no matter where it lives. ARTESCA is an enterprise class, fully-containerised object storage solution that transforms how data is managed and delivered in a cloud-native world. It can scale out to limitless capacity, with lightning fast agility, to run in any environment where data needs to be delivered and processed -- in the cloud, in the datacentre or at the edge.

  • Who needs the product?

With the emergence of new workloads in AI/ML, business intelligence, big data analytics, in-memory databases, and brand new workflows at the edge, applications need faster access to massive volumes of data, whether it is in the cloud, at the edge, and on prem. A fresh approach to data delivery is essential, one that is application-centric, rather than location or technology-centric. 

Application owners and developers need a universal data layer that allows application and data portability across environments (on-premises, in the cloud or at the edge), with API-based access that is natural for cloud-native apps. This gives them fast and uniform data access without the expense, time or resources needed to migrate and move data for application use.

  • What is special about the product? 

Scality ARTESCA is unique in offering the only cloud-native storage that is lightweight and true enterprise grade. 

  • What features are relevant?

Application & Management APIs 

• Comprehensive S3 API, including full IAM implementation 

• Streamlined, intuitive User Interface 

• Prometheus API 


• Scales out organically from single node to web-scale 

Data Protection 

• Async replication to remote instance 

• Dual-layer erasure coding for highest levels of data durability with lowest overhead and improved performance 


• Fast, application-centric primary storage for new or emerging workloads 

• High performance with ultra-low latency and scale-out to 10s of GB/s throughput 


• Fully containerised, Kubernetes based architecture 

• Supports multiple Kubernetes distributions as well as bare-metal deployments 

Multi-Cloud Aware 

• Built-in multi-cloud data, workflow management and metadata search in a single pane of glass 

• Federated cloud data management with a global namespace 


• Adaptive and sustainable across future platforms and technology innovations 

• No silos, forklift upgrades or data migration 

• Deployed on industry-standard x86 storage servers (no vendor lock-in, optimal TCO)

  • Who is the competition?

Scality ARTESCA is leading the field as the very first truly cloud-native object storage solution, lightweight and enterprise-grade at the same time. Other solutions are at best cloud-ready (vs. cloud-native) or lack enterprise capabilities expected by application owners and developers.



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