All-in-One Payment Platform

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  • 29.04.2021 05:26 pm

What does the product do?

BlueSnap’s All-in-One Payment Platform is a global payment technology with a focus on helping businesses increase sales and reduce costs. Through a single integration, BlueSnap customers have access to a global acquiring network, over 100 transaction currencies, and local payment methods. 

By having a global acquiring network, BlueSnap is able to apply intelligent payment routing to ensure conversion optimisation. This means higher conversion and lower payment costs.

BlueSnap also has an in-build fraud engine powered by Kount, chargeback management, and an Avalara tax solution.

Reporting and reconciliation are standardised across all regions, payment methods, and currencies. They are available either through the BlueSnap console or via a reporting API.

Who needs the product?

B2B and B2C global businesses who are selling online and on mobile, via a marketplace, subscriptions, invoice payments, and manual orders using a virtual terminal.

Global businesses selling in multiple regions often benefit the most from the global acquiring and cross border benefits that come with using BlueSnap.

What is special about the product?

BlueSnap specialises in helping businesses increase sales and reduce costs.

The All-in-One Payment Platform is the market’s only global payment platform that supports multiple sales channels (online & mobile checkout, invoice payments, subscriptions, marketplaces, manual orders). It also provides businesses with a direct connection to multiple global acquiring banks to achieve more sales with higher conversions, and eliminate cross-border fees. Merchants can sell anywhere in the world with just one contract, one integration, one unified account, and receive one payout.  Merchants no longer have to struggle with multiple integrations, an account in every region, multiple payment providers, and reconciliation issues.   

 BlueSnap’s global banking network allows transactions to be routed via local acquirers. Which means US transactions go through US acquiring, UK goes through UK acquiring, and so on. This ensures conversion rates remain high and costs stay low.

In addition, BlueSnap offers over 100 shopper currencies, settlement currencies, and local payment methods. 

All of this is available through a single integration, a single contract, and a single account. This results in a reduction in time, resource, and technical debt.

Who is the competition?

Stripe, Braintree, Adyen

What are some real case examples?

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