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  • 21.05.2021 03:56 pm

What does the product do? 

SteelEye simplifies trade and communications oversight and regulatory reporting through a unique, fully integrated, and cloud-based compliance platform. 

By connecting large volumes of data from multiple sources, SteelEye enables firms to meet regulatory obligations more quickly, efficiently, and accurately than any other solution. With SteelEye, financial firms gain full visibility and control of their trading and compliance operations, with cutting-edge analytics that provide timely insights on risks and opportunities.

SteelEye supports three primary compliance activities. Clients can opt for the full offering, or use one or two of SteelEye’s services:

  1. Communications Oversight

SteelEye can integrate almost any communications channel and store that data for easy retrieval and analysis.  

  1. Trade Oversight

SteelEye’s trade oversight services and surveillance tools analyse firms’ trading activity and enable them to identify and mitigate financial crime and market abuse risks. SteelEye also offers Transaction Cost Analysis.

  1. Regulatory reporting and analytics 

Using its data capabilities as a foundation, SteelEye supports a range of wide regulatory reporting obligations with robust automation and unparalleled accuracy rates. The drag-and-drop report builder allows users to create custom data views for internal reporting and/or customer use.

Who needs the product?

SteelEye’s solutions are designed for financial firms such as hedge funds, asset managers, brokers, banks and other regulated firms across the UK, Europe, and the US. 

Where financial institutions have to adhere to range of regulations, SteelEye provides a simple and integrated way to store data, meet reporting obligations, conduct market abuse surveillance and carry out communications oversight.

What is special about the product? 

No other company offers trade and communications oversight and regulatory reporting on a single platform, but SteelEye’s ability to make sense of both structured and unstructured data truly sets the company apart. 

With SteelEye, compliance and operations teams no longer need to spend hours performing manual searches across disparate systems to gather basic facts. SteelEye provides advanced analytics that serve financial firms relevant information from their data – telling them what they need to know before they have even asked the question. 

What features are relevant?

  • Record Keeping and eDiscovery: All data in SteelEye is stored in an immutable, tamper proof format, delivering a virtual data warehouse. With all data in one place, firms get a holistic view of and instant access to all their information - making it easy to respond to regulatory requests, carry out investigations, produce records for audits and control what is happening across the organisation.

  • Holistic Surveillance: The SteelEye platform presents a single solution for trade and communications supervision. This enables firms to examine data from across their entire portfolio, from order management systems, trading platforms, telecoms solutions and more – providing in-depth analysis that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Intelligent reporting tools and advanced algorithms examine data in real-time, ensuring risks are flagged and dealt with quickly. 

  • Regulatory Reporting: SteelEye’s Regulatory Reporting suite seamlessly consolidates, cleanses, validates and enriches a wealth of data and automates the transaction reporting process. Firms do not even need to log in unless they want to.

  • Lexicon: SteelEye recently launched a new lexicon which can monitor six times as many search terms than a standard lexicon – helping firms better identify signs of financial crime and market abuse. 

What are some real case examples?

Keith Frimpong, Global Head of Operations, Schroders:

“The SteelEye implementation has helped us to improve the level of control and accuracy we have around our MIFID II transaction reporting. We selected SteelEye because of the quality of their technology, the regulatory expertise demonstrated by their team and their willingness to support our tight implementation timelines.”

Emmanuel Drujan, Chief Operating Officer and Risk Manager at CIAM

We were looking for an independent vendor that would enable us to proactively manage our regulatory obligations. We also wanted a solution that would allow us to respond to regulatory change quicker. SteelEye was the perfect fit.”

Aidan Brady, Chief Operating Officer, Ardent Financial

We took the decision early on to automate as much of our compliance set up as possible. SteelEye enables us to do this, reducing the complexity of what can otherwise be an arduous and painful process. SteelEye is also one of the most cost-effective solutions we came across and very few other vendors offer the same breadth of regulatory compliance solutions.”

Patrick Fietje, CEO, Tavira Securities

“We were looking for a solution that would allow us to meet our regulatory requirements and consolidate our ever-growing number of supported platforms, communication channels and trade and order systems. SteelEye provided that solution.”
Hear from more SteelEye clients here > 



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