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  • 01.09.2020 01:48 pm

Brief Summary

Path Solutions’ Mobile Banking Solution offers an intuitive, simplified, versatile, and secure mobile banking experience allowing access to daily banking operations without the time-consuming process of going to a branch, thus bringing convenience to bank customers by enabling them to manage their finances and engage with their banks online and in real-time.

Similar to our internet banking offering, our mobile banking solution provides a responsive UI design and is cross-platform and cross-browser compatible, which provides the customers of banks and financial institutions with the ability to either use different platforms and web browsers, or to download a hybrid mobile app on their smart phones and tablets. Although this solution can be installed as a standalone product, its full power can be realized when adopted within an Omnichannel architecture.

Core Functions

  • Digital onboarding
  • Online self-registration
  • Current, savings and fixed maturity accounts management
  • Account statements and transaction history
  • Beneficiary management
  • Fund transfers (intra-bank, local, international)
  • Instant and scheduled (one-time and recurring) transfers
  • Bill, utility and bulk payments
  • Facilities and loans management
  • Financing management
  • Card management (block/unblock card, re-issue card, reset card PIN, request for new card PIN, update card limit)
  • Corporate internal administration & group management            
  • Authentication matrix & approval workflow
  • Product and service requests (credit cards, new accounts, cheque books, pay orders, lost documents, trade finance documents and financing).

Key Features

Omnichannel Enabled

Delivers a consistent and seamless customer experience across all customer touchpoints

New Age Security

Robust and advanced authentication to provide enhanced security using biometrics and two-factor enabled payments and authentication

Push Notifications Support

Provides a simple and secure channel to send personalized messages and notifications directly to your customers at no cost

Customizable Presentation Layer

Allows banks to fully customize their applications’ forms, layouts, design, and themes

Save As Draft (Save Progress)

Allows a customer to save his progress and resume later on any other supported channel

Cross-Platform & Cross-Browser Compatibilities

Supports different platforms, devices, and browsers

Fully Responsive UI Design

Adapts to different screen sizes and resolutions by providing fluid and flexible layouts

Unified Banking Platform

Provides a comprehensive set of functionalities and features targeting different BFI segments

Multilingual & Multi-Channel

Seamless banking experience across all channels in the language of your customer.

Major Benefits

  • Rapid time to market
  • Quickly respond to market changing conditions and regulations
  • Deliver and grow your mobile footprint faster and more efficiently
  • Eliminate friction and thus improve user experience
  • Offer customer-centric, secure, fast, and easy-to-use mobile banking services
  • Deliver a simplified, personalized, consistent and seamless customer experience anywhere, anytime
  • Reduce operational costs, and improve business processes’ efficiency
  • Increase customer loyalty and retention by making it easy and pleasant for customers to bank with you.


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