Tranzbase - Unlimited Banking Solution

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  • 29.12.2021 12:13 pm

Tranzbase is an efficient and easy to use platform with a wide range of innovative internal and external banking services.

The system is suitable for corporate and personal finance management, automates the process of remotely opening IBAN accounts and provides SWIFT, SEPA transfers, as well as access to British payment services: FPS and CHAPS. The latter option is relevant today, after the UK leaves the EU.

The Tranzbase interface allows you to flexibly manage capital flows, make business decisions online, receive operational reports on transactions, bill payments, monitor counterparty settlements, investments, and employee expenses. The platform supports working with bank cards, sending mass payments, transfers according to specified conditions and algorithms.

Tranzbase has an open API that expands the possibilities of cooperation with external developers, payment service providers or customers who want to simplify work with the company. Such business automation saves resources and time of partners, which can be directed to the company development.  

The built-in analytics of Tranzbase enables the user to receive instant notifications of receipts to his cash account, as well as optimize expenses using intelligent tools. The platform is designed to create flexible payment scenarios for goods and services within a corporation or with a separate account.

All Tranzbase users have access to the application via any modern gadget or computer. The account is registered within 24 hours, any questions that arise can be resolved by contacting the round-the-clock Support Service. A number of internal services are available for testing in test mode.

Companies can receive payments in the currency preferred by their customers, but at the same time make payments in the currency of their country at the real exchange rate. Although the number of transactions that businesses can make is unlimited, depending on the region there may be limits on the amount of a single payment.

Due to the simplicity of the control panel, the platform can be used by a wide range of businesses that collect regular payments, often from abroad, including new startups and international corporations.

Open with Tranzbase an excellent digital banking solution that supports international payments in 150 countries, automatic conversion of 19 currencies. Send and receive money transfers anywhere in the world, working from any smart device!

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