Sysnet Global: Proactive Data Security (PDS)

Sysnet Global: Proactive Data Security (PDS)

19.07.2019 11:58 am

Established in Dublin, Ireland, in 1989, Sysnet Global is a leading provider of cyber security and compliance solutions to the payment card industry. Its expert service offering helps small-to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to improve security and enables acquiring organisations to reduce risk.

Specialising in data security and PCI DSS compliance validation solutions, Sysnet works closely with merchant acquirers in 60 countries worldwide to enable them to provide optimum support to merchant customers.

What is the solution?

SMBs simply do not have the time, technical knowledge, or resources required to ensure the security and PCI DSS compliance of their business. These businesses struggle with the complexity so much they end up ignoring the problem and instead pay noncompliance fees to merchant acquirers each month. This is a serious issue for acquirers – these merchants are at greater risk of a data breach, which could result in fines and costs that could put them out of business, negatively impacting acquirers in turn.

Sysnet’s Proactive Data Security (PDS) solution is designed to support merchant acquirers in helping these small businesses manage compliance without an in-house compliance team.

Through this solution, Sysnet provides simple and clear support from a dedicated expert taking merchants through the compliance process, explaining anything that’s unclear to the user along the way. As a result, not only are these merchants compliant, they are also far more secure as customers receive the tools required to meet industry requirements and improve their security posture.

During delivery of the managed service offering, merchants download an agent to their devices which identifies any security issues and the tools needed to protect the business. If anything changes, Sysnet’s dedicated support team is alerted and action is taken to address the vulnerabilities.

What sets PDS apart?

The PDS managed service for compliance comes at a price point that smaller businesses can afford, standing out as one of a kind in the market. This is possible through key partnerships with global acquirer who can then offer the PDS managed service to their merchant customers.

What sets PDS apart is Sysnet’s highly trained customer support team which provide unrivalled customer service and security advice. The team is on hand to support merchants with everything from scanning issues to complex environment issues, that require the assistance of security experts and Qualified Security Assessors.

Benefits for merchant acquirers

PDS offers a host of advantages for merchant acquirers:

  • Generate revenue and provide great service – allows acquirers to generate valuable new revenue streams, removing reliance on non-compliance fee revenue, while providing a convenient timesaving service for customers.
  • White-labelled services – services can be delivered with acquirers’ branding, reinforcing their values and service-level commitments to customers.
  • World-class infrastructure 24x7x365 – Sysnet’s Customer Service and Service Operations Centres (SOC) monitors, manages and supports merchants globally for some of the world’s largest acquirers.
  • Reduce your risk – by managing security and compliance for merchants, PDS reduces the risk in acquirers’ merchant books.
  • Best-in-class technology – PDS harnesses the latest Contact Centre, CRM, Case management, Remote monitoring, and Remote Management technology to deliver the best service to acquirers and their merchant customers.

Tailored solutions for a better experience

PDS has been designed to support acquirers in meeting the unique needs of SMB merchants. As one of the key barriers for SMB merchant compliance and security is time and resources, PDS empowers acquirers to take away the heavy lifting from merchants, by becoming an extension of the internal compliance team, removing pain points around regulation and security. As a result, it can support acquirers and merchants to grow their businesses and thrive.

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