Riskalyze Compliance Cloud: Find Compliance Issues Before They Become Problems

05.06.2018 09:17 am

What is the solution?


Riskalyze introduces Compliance Cloud, an award-winning technology that provides greater efficiency in managing investment data, while staying compliant  with newly established regulations. It empowers greater control over personal investment accounts, easy identification, and prioritization of issues, which require timely attention. Moreover, it allows monitoring personal account information, streamlining case management and resolving issues before regulators take action.    


What does the solution do? 

The powerful portfolio analytics engine calculates the risk number for each portfolio and compares it with stated investment objectives. Moreover, it can detect and flag accounts with inappropriate investments for their investment objective, concentrated positions, high-risk positions, excessive cash, periods of inactivity and even more. The innovative technology enables accessing necessary data, while spotting compliance issues and tackling them on the spot. Likewise, Compliance Cloud upgrades supervision of accounts, greatly reducing time for resolving issues and allocating time efficiently. 


What are the key features? 

  • Automated workflow
  • Fast and user friendly analytical system
  • Incompliance Issues are spotted automatically
  • Streamlined case management and resolution workflow system
  • Increased productivity 
  • Intelligent prioritization of accounts
  • Easy access and control of stored data


The information has been retrieved from riskalyze.com 

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