INDATA’s iPM Epic Is the Industry’s First Investment Software Platform

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  • 17.04.2017 11:52 am

INDATA is a known leader in providing software, technology, and services for buy-side firms. The area of the company’s expertise also expands into trade order management (OMS), compliance, portfolio accounting, and front-to-back office delivered via iPM Epic. This is the industry’s first investment technology platform, designed for the era of big data. The company’s mission is to provide clients with cutting edge technology products and services to increase operational efficiency while reducing risk and administrative overhead.

INDATA’s iPM, an Intelligent Portfolio Management technology platform enables end-users to efficiently collaborate in real-time across the enterprise. Moreover, it contains the top class functionality that is demanded by sophisticated institutional investors. Cloud-based solution provides universal accessibility and eliminates the need for in-house IT. As the product is highly customizable, the pricing strategy is also quite flexible. It will basically depend on the number of required services and clients’ needs. Besides, there is a solid library of reports including client statements, holdings, transactions, performance, attribution, billing, and other areas. Reports can be fully customized by the client and also by INDATA, as a service. State-of-the-art big data visualization tools are also available for business intelligence type reporting.

The iPM Epic is designed for buy-side investment management firms, in order to help companies increase end-user productivity and enhance the investment process. In addition, investment firms are offered assessment of real-time risk, compliance, and performance monitoring, as well as consolidated tools for marketing activities. Implementation of iPM Epic has proven its business agility through decreasing operational risk & administrative overhead, while providing investment managers with greater transparency and a competitive advantage for targeting and managing new and existing business. Thus, it will be extremely useful for asset managers, registered investment advisors, banks and wealth management firms, pension funds and hedge funds.

iPM Epic has been developed to work effectively with a variety of large data sets, both internal and external to the investment management firm, which are routinely used within investment management with great effort and with the significant expenditure of resources.

To be more specific, iPM Epic helps companies automate data management issues, including each aspect of investment processes, such as capture, storage, sharing, analysis and visualization of data from a from, middle and back office perspective. Furthermore, the software increases efficiency through enhancing user workflow. Particularly, users can operate efficiently and make better decisions, while having a real-time control over the entire processes. Finally, the know-how can be leveraged via IPM cloud, a private cloud hosting solution to ease installation, maintenance, and on-going support. 

The main product features are:

  • iPM OMS links traders with portfolio managers, executing brokers, compliance and back office staff in real-time, resulting in efficient and error-free trading
  • It includes a complete Investment Book of Record system that provides fully configurable and customizable dashboards that of both real-time and historical information from the system, as well as external systems.
  • iPM Compliance actively monitors pre and post-trade compliance, as well as operational risk challenges. It automatically warns compliance officers when a compliance issue requires additional control.
  • iPM Epic, based on big data technology, combines a sophisticated enterprise data management system (EDM). It allows managing their internal and external data sources effectively, in order to create a single source of data across the firm, which can be accessed timely.
  • iPM Back Office is a multi-tool and diverse currency portfolio accounting system. It maintains transaction archives, capital changes, dividends, pricing, and all other back-office portfolio management functions. It also has a wide range of back-office tools, such as automated reconciliation capabilities.
  • iPM Performance constantly monitors rates of return on multiple levels, including total portfolio, asset classes, sectors, industries, securities and composites on a multi-currency basis.

No doubts that INDATA will keep delighting its potential customers and current users with innovative, genuinely sophisticated and cost-effective solutions in the long run.

INDATA’s iPM Epic Is the Industry’s First Investment Software Platform

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