Fujitsu Blockchain Testbed: Reliable, Convenient and Safe

Fujitsu Blockchain Testbed: Reliable, Convenient and Safe

09.10.2017 10:00 am

Upon the recent launch of the blockchain testbed for Japanese banks, Director of Digitalware Development Division, Middleware Business Unit at FUJITSU Limited Shinya Echigo has shared exclusive details of the innovative service. 

What is blockchain testbed provided for Japanese banks?

This is a financial services blockchain technology testbed ecosystem that JBA provides to its member banks. The solution is provided ass PaaS over Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 and the blockchain platform rests on Hyperledger fabric. 

What does it do? 

Originally, the idea came from customers who demanded blockchain technology in order to simplify their tasks. Particularly, the collaborative blockchain platform is provided for banks and other financial institutions as a testbed environment for applications that deploy blockchain technology. For instance, it can be settlement and funds transfer services, identity and time-of-transaction authentication.  The new solution will reshape funds settlement infrastructure and will facilitate innovations by means of IT. 

Who needs the service? 

Customers interested in digital business transformation, regardless of industry are the target market. Furthermore, as a company that engages in digital co-creation with customers, Fujitsu aims to provide a variety of services and technologies to customers seeking transformation. 

What are the key features of the service? 

Key features of the service are reliability, convenience, and safety that are being constantly improved. In addition to that, the following functions are also enhanced:

  • Systems’ business continuity is elaborated with the ability to resolve single point failure and automatically recover from node failure, etc.
  • Electronic property management function allows users to quickly construct the management of electronic assets such as virtual currency, gift certificates, tickets, and coupons. Provided by REST API, it can be utilized without having blockchain expertise. 
  • Data encryption allows users to hide part of the transaction data and share necessary information with selected individuals. 

How user friendly and accessible the service is? 

With the feature that improves convenience, users with typical web technology can develop tasks that apply the merits of the blockchain.

What are the reporting capabilities? 

There is a dashboard that can be used to introduce transaction information.


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