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  • 20.10.2021 05:37 pm
  • Delta Capita

What does the product do?

Delta Capita is a leading global managed services, technology solutions and consulting provider with a unique combination of experience in financial services and capability in technology innovation. We design and develop new services and tools and leverage the substantial FinTech portfolio from our parent company, Prytek.

We are on a mission to reinvent the Financial Services Value Chain. By providing a Business Operating Platform-as-a-Service (BOPaaS), a trusted mutualised service for financial services, enabling your business across the value chain. 

We offer our clients a range of existing managed service propositions, to enhance their delivery capabilities whilst reducing their fixed cost base. These include client lifecycle management, structured retail products, post-trade and pricing & risk. 

Who needs the product?

Our range of solutions are aimed at those within financial services who are looking to reduce costs and improve process and technology by moving them away from their existing proprietary models towards mutualised managed services, enabling a healthier and more performant business.

What is special about the product?

We are a fast-growing company with positive energy that comes from an entrepreneurial spirit. We consider our team to be ‘oneDC’ and are immensely proud to be included in Financial Times’ Europe’s 1000 Fastest Growing Companies in 2018, 2020 and 2021.  

We are also committed to responsible business practices which benefit our people, clients, communities, and planet. We partner with EcoVadis, the provider of the world’s most trusted sustainability ratings, and our clients, to continually assess and improve our position across all aspects of sustainability, including the environment, ethics, human rights and procurement. We are proud to have been awarded Silver status by EcoVadis, the world’s most trusted business sustainability rating, placing us in the top 30% of companies performing similar activities. 

What features are relevant?

Delta Capita's suite of technology solutions include:

  • Inspire SRP - inSPire provides a unique range of tools to support structured products manufacturers through the issuance process, platform management, product governance and full lifecycle support.

  • Klarion - Klarion is a modular solution for digital enablement that features live collaboration, visual IVR, digital forms and e-sign.Its benefits include improved digital servicing of customers, reduced call centre traffic, and an improved omnichannel interface for key, high touch journeys in a compliant way. It can be implemented within weeks and customised to your brand.

  • Karbon CLM - The Karbon end-to-end client lifecycle management platform uses cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, and contextual analytics to generate the needed business intelligence to automate processes. Karbon automatically aggregates and processes structured, and even unstructured data in real-time from countless internal and external sources, eliminating manual searching processes.

  • Data and analytics - Our team of data experts apply proven, advanced analyses to your data assets. Using the most up-to-date, advanced analytical methods, we use data to find the potential to enhance business processes, reduce operational costs and risks, and fundamentally, make better decisions.

  • Innovation as a Service - An open innovation platform solution that accelerates the innovation adoption cycle. This new offering aims to address challenges that often delay innovation – from operational complexity and ever-changing regulatory burdens.

Who is the competition?

We compete with other managed service providers and global consulting firms. 

What are some real case examples?

Man Group partnered with Delta Capita CLM Services to facilitate the management of their KYC obligations for both new and existing clients across several jurisdictions. Integrating Delta Capita’s intelligent CLM platform, Karbon, has allowed Man Group to automate the process and created full transparency throughout the end-to-end due diligence process. 

Within six weeks, Man Group was able to successfully shift to Karbon after completing the full policy integration, data migration, testing and training. Through Karbon, Man Group is able to raise new KYC cases, track status, request enhancements, and configure and generate MI reporting. 

Delta Capita

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