QAssure and Delta Capita Announce New Combined Solution as Part of a Mission to Drive Innovation

  • Platform Technology , IT Innovations
  • 10.08.2021 11:45 am

QAssure has joined forces with Delta Capita to deliver an Open Innovation Platform solution that will accelerate the innovation adoption cycle. This new offering aims to address challenges that often delay innovation – from operational complexity and ever-changing regulatory burdens.

Current proof-of-concept (PoC) processes can take on average 18-24 months. By centralising the PoC process QAssure/prooV's end-to-end PoC platform shortens the time from discovery, testing to deployment of the right solution by 75% so financial enterprises can adopt new technology while it is still new and the technology is relevant.

By combining smart integration technology, behavioural prediction analytics with bespoke development to support workflows, this solution will also leverage Delta Capita’s integration, testing and managed services expertise and its unique capability of certification and assurance. Upon the completion of the PoC, the digital assurance platform will further help in performing both ends to end functional and non-functional testing of the solution. It will reduce the testing timeframe from months or weeks to days and ensure that all solutions produced are of the highest standard.

The news follows the recent merger of QAssure and prooV™, a cloud-based testing platform owned by global technology group, Prytek.

Jerry Ngo, Vice Chairman, Delta Capita Asia says “The true potential of innovation is often held back by slow processes, and this needs to change. These challenges aren’t unique to one sector. There is a huge opportunity to help drive innovation across various industry verticals. We’re always looking for ways to do things better, and faster – with cost efficiencies front of mind. We have already been able to put this into action with a use case that was presented to us by a government entity that is at the forefront of catalyzing innovation by smaller start-ups - by allowing them the ability to quickly respond to problems being posed by their clients.”

Toby Olshanetsky, CEO and Co-founder of prooV™ says “We are very excited about this opportunity. Our joint offering will allow to meet the growing demands of a continuously changing landscape – particularly as financial institutions plan to increase onboarding of FinTech solutions. A crucial part of this effort is running proofs-of-concept - but then security, regulation, bureaucracy, legal red tape, and slow processes come into play. QAssure and Delta Capita is the hub where you can discover, test, analyse, compare and deploy new technology this will give our customers 360 PoC solution: before, during and after PoC is finished with no regulatory barriers, no security risks, just pure technology testing and evaluation.’

Delta Capita has been reinventing this space by putting together disparate capabilities into leading edge use case solutions for our customers for example within the KYC space putting together Karbon, Karbon8, Scannovate and Klarion into an end-to-end orchestration. With this innovation-as a-service offering, we investigate the challenge of innovation itself and of technology adoption for our clients.

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