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  • 14.01.2019 11:23 am


axiomaBlue is an innovative cloud-based environment that provides best-of-breed solutions and tools enabling investment managers to cost efficiently create, implement and scale unique investment strategies. It is a “no compromises” native product that provides fully interoperable and integrated access to Axioma’s entire suite of solutions, such as: 

  • Multi-asset-class risk management
  • Portfolio construction and optimization
  • Performance attribution
  • Custom risk models and analytics

axiomaBlue’s sophistication, depth, and customizability are critical because they allow investment managers to tailor and fine-tune their tools to their own investment processes.  


axiomaBlue is the result of countless discussions with clients and company’s own sense of what is needed today. It’s no secret that the business of investment management has changed - certainly in the 10 years since the global financial crisis, but the transformation began even before that. Active managers were the first to feel the pain on margins, with the proliferation and success of passive investment options. In order to succeed in today’s changing environment, firms must generate better returns. They want to do it more efficient and cost-effective way. Competition is increasing and margins are shrinking. Technology is another huge issue. In the past, investment firms built their own data centers and systems as a means of maintaining control and security. But two things happened. Investment in those systems lagged in the wake of the global financial crisis, just as cloud-computing began to gain traction. The cloud was initially rejected by the financial industry as too vulnerable from a security point of view. And that left firms struggling with the headaches and costs of trying to maintain and adapt their own legacy systems and technology. 


A combination of three main features differentiates axiomaBlue from existing investment-management offerings and these are: 

  • Best-of-Breed

Drive your investment process with the best there is Axioma’s award-winning suite of innovative risk and portfolio solutions and tools, is Built-in axiomaBlue, and thus accessible interoperably via flexible APIs.

  • Cloud-Native Technology

axiomaBlue is cloud-native—built for the financial industry on the strengths of secure hyper-scale cloud providers, primarily Microsoft Azure, to take full advantage of the power and ongoing state-of-the-art development of cloud computing.

  • Third-Party Options

axiomaBlue’s open environment will include third-party best-of-breed solutions that are either part of this ecosystem or are directly built in axiomaBlue. IBOR, trade management and other functionality, enable axiomaBlue to serve either as an extension of the client’s investment-management system or the system itself.

Finally, axiomaBlue is built on the strengths of hyper-scale cloud provider Microsoft Azure, which leverages a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers, providing unparalleled scalability, reliability, security, encryption, redundancy, and on-demand power. Axioma and Microsoft have partnered to ensure that axiomaBlue remains at the forefront of cloud technology.

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