Phos - Accept Payments Directly on Your Phone

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  • 26.05.2021 05:06 pm

What does the product do?

phos is a software solution which enables contactless payment acceptance via smartphone, without the need for costly additional hardware – converting the merchant’s device into their business hub.

Who needs the product?

Banks, acquirer’s financial institutions, FinTech’s, PSP’s, ISOs and any application that would like to enable contactless payment acceptance within their application will benefit from our solution.

What is special about the product?

Phos has designed a modular suite of functionality and services that means all our customers can create a solution that works both for their own business model, and that of their customer base. It has been designed to address future payment requirements, such as open banking.

What features are relevant?

  • Contactless card acceptance

  • Mobile wallet acceptance (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc)

  • QR payments (Alipay and WeChat)

  • PIN and PINless high value transactions

Who is the competition?

Our competitors are PayCore and Mobeewave (which has been bought by Apple).

What are some real case examples?

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