iShraq: Innovative Investment Solution in a Sharia-Compliant Way

12.02.2018 10:09 am

Path Solutions


A brief summary of the solution

iSHRAsuite presents Sharia-based financial and investment tools to customers specializing in Sharia investments. The solution allows bringing the best of stock markets, mutual funds, portfolio management services, real estate investment, and wealth management services in a Sharia-compliant way. In addition, iSHRAQ*Invest is a secure Internet-based system, optimized to provide maximum performance, scalability and availability to customers. 


The idea to develop the solution

Originally, Islamic finance is a phenomenon that had generated significant amount of interest in the financial world. This new direction has led to the emergence of an opportunity to innovate and offer the best possible solutions to an underserved market in the Muslim world, in order to fulfill financing and investment needs. Thus, iSHRAQ suite was developed by Path Solutions, and is considered to be one of the tools which can fill in this gap.


The core function of the solution

The core function of the solution lies in its ability to provide in-depth research, technical analysis, and powerful trading tools. This complete financial suite will enable investors to pursue their investment goals with an advanced e-trading portal to buy or sell their securities anywhere, anytime. Moreover, iSHRAQ suite is structured based on the latest advanced technologies that rely on web and web services, while maintaining the competent traits for such solutions in terms of security, stability, and user friendliness.

Who needs the iSHRAQ suite?

  • Investment Banks
  • Financial Institutions
  • Microfinance Companies
  • Fund Managers.

What are the key features of iSHRAQ?  

  • Web Based Solution
  • Flexible and Easily Adaptable 
  • Efficient Reporting
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Online Processing
  • End to End Business Processes
  • 24/7 Real-Time Access to Investment Information
  • Multi Tenants
  • Dynamic Approval Workflow.
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