Investment Solutions for Financial Professionals

Investment Solutions for Financial Professionals

27.07.2018 02:03 pm

What is the solution?

FactSet’s solution for investment managers is a unique set of tools that provide needed information to save time and make effective decisions quickly. Moreover, it allows understanding a portfolio’s true exposure to geopolitical risk, macroeconomic factors, and market conditions using FactSet GeoRev data, or uncover interconnected relationships within stock portfolio that may impact overall performance.

What is the demand for the solution?

Frequently, decision-making involves uncertainty, complexity, high-risk consequences, alternatives, and even interpersonal issues. Competitive environment, multi-tasking and time constrains  also require investment managers to react promptly. Thus, it is vital to have analytical tools that could provide correct information to minimize the risks. 

What is the core function of the solution?  

The key function of the solution is to provide instant and constant access to the news and data in order to increase alpha. It allows sorting out unnecessary information and quickly review relevant and real-time insights about companies and markets with FactSet Street Account. Moreover, you will always stay updated on market developments with top stories and summaries that will increase chances to make appropriate decision. 

What are the features of the solution?  

  • Seamless integration of internal research and proprietary information

Investment managers can benefit from the solution by combining proprietary holdings, transactions, analyst research and ratings with FactSet content and industry-leading sources, including extensive benchmark data and global exchange indices. It enables integrating proprietary data with a secure, automated nightly upload or by connecting a custodian, prime broker, or a firm’s accounting system with FactSet. 

  • Unique content for unique insights

FactSet’s global coverage and exclusive content enables furthering portfolio analysis. Now it is also possible to segment companies into categories according to primary focus. As well as, finding ownership data for equities and fixed income securities and monitor corporate activism with investor profiles detailing previous campaigns with FactSet’s corporate activism database. 

  • Stay informed on the road

The FactSet’s mobile solution provides an opportunity to remain connected with every stage of a workflow, while being away from the desk. Users also can stay updated with industry news and global market movements, access company analytics and internal research, as well as monitor portfolio performance and risk in one place.







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