Horizon Software: Trading technology with algorithmic capabilities and fully customizable solution

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  • 01.10.2019 11:33 am

What is the solution?

Horizon is unique in bringing advanced algorithmic capabilities within a fully customizable solution, that provides advanced trading technology to 90 buy-side and sell-side institutions in 26 countries, and connectivity to over 80 exchanges worldwide.

Horizon - Automated Trading

What does the solution do?

Horizon can trade across a wide range of structured products (vanilla to exotic), underlying asset classes (from equity to hybrids, and beyond), and product types (FX, futures, options, warrants, CBBCs, In-Line warrants, capital protected products, etc.), all of this through a high volume of these products. Our system can be integrated with rich APIs, meaning users can build proprietary strategies and keep their code confidential.

A key strength of Horizon is the ability to handle everything on a single platform: from monitoring and managing positions in a single view, to real-time automated trading with embedded algorithmic capabilities. We make it easy to set up thousands of strategies including correlation between pairs of instruments using customized spots, FX rates and validation formulas with simple, intuitive automation parameters. Added-value approaches such as theoretical, friendly or aggressive behaviours are pre-implemented and allow dynamic orders to follow the market, and many others, such as real-time management, spot customization, auto-hedging strategies, fast market detection, large volume management, spike detection, and internal matching engine

What are the key modules in the solution?

We offer a single platform to handle different client needs:

  • Market Making, for options, warrants and Delta One products
  • Proprietary algo trading with algo scripting, systematic trading, hedging, volatility and arbitrage
  • Agency trading, which offers FIX connectivity, Order and Execution Management Systems, and DMA and CARE orders
  • Position & risk management including pre-trade risk, risk & position calculations and user rights interface

A key feature in particular is our algorithmic execution architecture, which guarantees the execution of large numbers of orders and optimizes the implementation cost against a benchmark price, irrespective of trade size. Examples are:

  • VWAP (volume-weighted average price): Orders are executed based on their value relative to the total market volume over a specific period, minimizing market impact
  • TWAP (time-weighted average price): Orders are executed over a period at as close to the average price (during this period) as possible
  • POV (percentage of volume) allows the user to limit their order size to a pre-determined one, based on a percentage of average hourly or daily volume

What sets Horizon apart?

The company has always invested heavily in R&D to develop the most cutting-edge technology for the capital markets industry. Horizon’s products can be used out-of-the-box and are based on a flexible architecture that enables software customization to satisfy each client’s specific requirements and market regulations, such as MiFID II.


We provide intelligence for trading by delivering innovative technology, advanced algorithmic trading and high-quality services.

Our clients benefit from many unique advantages, such as:

  • Our unparalleled expertise in derivatives trading
  • Easy integration with rich APIs (SOA, testing tools), based on Scala, allowing our clients to easily run their own algorithms
  • High-level behaviour customization using embedded scripting modules which allows the design of new features and detecting patterns using custom actions and alert triggers
  • A full system implementation in just one week
  • One single platform with faster capabilities: packaging takes almost no time, release time reduced by 75%, configuration time reduced by 50%, launch takes almost no time, development support time reduced by 75%



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