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  • 15.05.2020 02:22 pm

A Brief Summary of FraudFree

FraudFree is Fraugster’s flagship product, a fully outsourced risk management service that provides chargeback protection and helps online merchants to maximize their revenue. Fraugster provides full financial liability for every transaction, meaning that it covers the chargeback losses and fees, as well as drive revenue up. The service is powered by Fraugster’s AI Engine that provides real-time scoring and decisions for each incoming transaction, and is backed up by the world largest reinsurer, Munich Re.   

By outsourcing their risk management to Fraugster, clients see a revenue uplift ranging between 2% and 30%, and enjoy on average 90% decrease in operations related to risk management.

Fraugster have recently added FraudFree+, where on top of the chargeback protection they also guarantee the revenue increase. This means that the pay the difference if they don’t deliver our committed target.

The Core Function

The core function of the FraudFree is to cover fraud-related losses (chargebacks and chargeback fees) and to minimize false positives, thanks to the AI Engine.

Key Features

Chargeback guarantee

FraudFree takes full financial liability for every approved transaction and covers all chargebacks and chargeback fees. Insured by the world's largest reinsurance company, Munich Re.

Higher Revenue

Fraugster’s AI engine offers the highest accuracy, reducing false positives and increasing approval rate.

Margin Protection

With FraudFree fixed price model merchants can project their costs easily. No more loss peaks due to fraud attacks.

Reduced operational workload

FraudFree manages risk in real-time, and without manual review. Merchants can shift their focus to other tasks.

Intuitive Analytics

FraudFree dashboard provides live insights with customized reports and graphs, to easily track KPIs. Users can easily generate own templates and reports. No technical background or coding required.

Screenshot of reports


Best For

The product is ideal for online merchants across verticals. FraudFree can be activated through direct integration or via one of Fraugster’s many partners, such as Ingenico, Six Worldline and Natixis, to name a few. Direct integration takes 2-4 weeks via REST API, whereas activation through one of Fraugster’s partners is immediate, with no technical action needed.

The Pricing Plan

FraudFree has a fixed price model. Contact Fraugster for more information or a demo request,  to see if the product is a perfect fit for your business.



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