ACI Proactive Risk Manager

ACI Proactive Risk Manager

26.06.2019 07:03 am

ACI Worldwide, one of the leading companies in the fintech world, has provided cutting-edge solutions for the financial services industry since 1975. ACI powers e-payments for financial institutions, intermediaries, retailers and billers. ACI’s Payments Intelligence solution portfolio is structured to provide the artefacts that empower organizations to make timely and contextualized decisions to combat existing and emerging cybercriminal threats accurately.

What is the Solution?

ACI’s UP Payments Risk Management uses a superior combination of machine learning, stronger controls and risk orchestration through a flexible, transparent and sophisticated architecture, empowering business independency to succeed with a 360-degree approach to enterprise risk management.

ACI Proactive Risk Manager is part of UP Payments Risk Management and designed for financial institutions to combat fraud and money laundering schemes, coordinating sources and integrating risk services, maximizing detection accuracy, empowering businesses to act and react immediately, promoting safety and loyalty through an enriched customer experience, addressing compliance requirements, all while protecting brand reputation.

What are the key features?

Real-time Decisioning with mass volume processing capabilities, reaching thousands of transactions per second on commoditized hardware and evolving without vendor dependency. With this, organizations can bring their next innovation securely to the market before their competitors. Adaptive Machine Learning that reacts to pattern changes and retains relevance, providing the business transparency and independency to act responsibly with full control of their Machine Learning strategies.

With this, organizations can unlock new fraud signals with the highest levels of accuracy and immediately enhance their abilities to combat cybercriminals, on their own. Intelligent Network with a global community sharing knowledge and experience, from where they can access additional risk services, features and data. With this, organizations stay ahead of the next threat and keep cybercriminals away.

What are the key modules in solution?

UP Risk Orchestration for data management and risk services orchestration, accelerating the Enterprise Risk Journey by reducing the time and effort required to continuously expand the solution toward a full coverage of the enterprise, consuming data and acting reliably wherever needed, without disruption.

ACI Universal Scoring Engine, ACI PRM Scoring Engine and third-party scoring end-points, providing organizations with a variety of options to enrich their controls with Machine Learning capabilities, regardless of their preferred strategy, to develop models on their own, having ACI build and maintain models for them, or having a third party to do so.

ACI Model Generator, empowering business users to build and deploy their own adaptive machine learning models, in a fast and intuitive manner in mere hours, with the ability to build unlimited models. This module eliminates the barriers to entry for any organization, with a fully integrated and intuitive interface that leverages available data lakes in real time to pinpoint assertive and strong signals of fraud.

ACI PRM Detection and Prevention Controls, from where the business users can simulate, deploy and manage all their strategies, including real-time and near-real-time controls, workflows and automation, dashboards, prioritizations, workload distribution, 2-way communication strategies, white/black/gray lists, sanctions, strong customer authentication, risk-based flows, governances, Machine Learning usage and efficiency thresholds, enhanced profiles, create their own risk signals, visualization templates, etc.

ACI Mobile Alerting and ACI Card Control, providing 2-way communication with end customers directlyin active and passive modes, where customers can interact directly to resolve suspect activities as well as empower them to decide how they want their products to behave, with full control to change when needed.

ACI PRM Analysis and Review, from where analysts and operators have 360-degree access to all the incident information, demographics, transactional history, the ability to take corrective and preventive actions, release transactions on hold, drive notifications, record information, flag events, follow and start workflows, set reminders, drive escalations, run reports, get informed on the latest trends, etc.

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