More than a third of European p2p investors prefer active lifestyle

  • P2P Lending
  • 22.10.2019 08:02 am
According to the analysts of the company, the tendency of investors to do sport is explained by their intention to keep a healthy lifestyle. The results of another survey conducted by earlier this year confirm the assumptions. The largest number of P2P investors (37.7%) then called health their life priority. Also, the majority of respondents said expenses for health take only a small share of their budget, which suggests that they look after it thoroughly.

It is worth noting that most investors (89%) work full-time, part-time or run business. As 45% of them mentioned working in IT and finance, it can be assumed that they spend most of their working time in an office.  Consequently, it is important for them to alternate mental and physical work.
Robocash Leisure activities.png
Along with active pastime, investors also prefer reading (21.3%). This was the second most popular answer. Reading may be not just a hobby, but a way for investors to broaden their outlook and increase financial literacy, which would help them improve investment decisions. Among other hobbies, respondents mentioned music, cooking, blogging, traveling and dancing.

The survey was started by in the middle of September and lasted for two weeks. In total, it involved 600 respondents from the European countries who invest on various P2P lending platforms.


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