Global Currencies, Stocks and P2P Investments are Emerging as Top Assets in 2022

  • Lending , P2P Lending
  • 21.04.2022 03:10 pm

In the top assets ranking, alternative investment instruments give way to traditional ones due to the simplicity of the latter. At the same time, P2P lending ranks third in the aggregate of all factors, having proven itself to be a profitable and reliable asset. 

Analysts of the investment platform Robocash settled on 7 factors to determine the attractiveness of investment instruments on a large scale: entry threshold, simplicity, liquidity, volatility, growth forecast, profitability and risk. Each factor was assigned a low or high priority, depending on its importance in the asset rating. For example, risk and return are much more significant in making an investment decision than the entry threshold.

Thus, thanks to high liquidity, low risk and volatility, and the smallest entry threshold the traditional currency entered the top asset rating. “However, given the economic crisis and inflation, the prospects for the attractiveness of the currency are still not clear.” - specialists add.

The second in the top are stocks, whose position was mainly determined by profitability and volatility. Stock prices directly depend on the ratio of supply and demand from stock market participants, therefore, they can change a lot within short periods of time. For 2021, the S&P 500 index showed an increase of about 30% in 12 months, and from March 2020 to March 2022, it rose by a record 105%. 

The top three is closed by a relatively new investment tool - P2P lending, which has managed to establish itself as a profitable asset. analysts believe that this instrument can largely replace deposits or bonds in the future. “Such changes may be associated with a long-term historical decline in the yield of traditional instruments, as well as global uncertainty about the future of capital markets.” - experts comment.

The overall asset rating also included cryptocurrencies, bonds, real estate, precious metals and bank deposits. Metals turned out to be the least promising asset due to their low yield and high risk-volatility index.

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