The European P2P Market on the Way to Diversity

  • Cash management , Payments , P2P Lending
  • 11.11.2021 02:15 pm

According to the corporate statistics, the social and geographic shifts of the investors' audience is expressing the growing market potential.

The platform has significantly expanded its active investor base in 2021, representing a more than 70% growth. In addition to engaging an increasing audience, the market continues to penetrate various segments of the society. For example, the share of female investors on (among registered customers) grew from 20% in 2019 to 34% in 2021.

There is also a more active involvement of the younger generation. At the moment, the share of Generation Z investors has reached 4%. On the contrary, the share of millennials is slightly decreasing from 52.2% in 2019 to 51% in 2021.

It is worth noting the geographical shifts in the P2P market. Thus, the share of German investors on the platform decreased by 7% since 2019 due to the activation of the rest of the European investors. Since 2019, the share of Spanish and Italian investors has grown by 5% and 2% accordingly. France gained more than 3% and entered the top five, displacing Portugal.

"As statistics show, European P2P lending is becoming an integral part of an enlarging number of people from various social groups”. - platform analysts comment. “Despite the evident increase of the active P2P investors on the platform, it is still too early to talk about reaching the pre-crisis level of the P2P market as a whole, but investor confidence, expressed in fact in monetary terms, is definitely recovering steadily”

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