KBC Will Introduce Online Direct Debit Mandates

  • Wholesale Banking
  • 03.06.2015 01:00 am

From June 6, the business customers of KBC will be able to handle their European B2B direct debit mandates fully electronically.

From then on, they will be able to settle these mandates in just a few clicks. To achieve this, KBC works together with Twikey, the Belgian market leader in the field of electronic direct debit mandates. Creditors use B2B direct debits because they offer more security and guarantees than the European direct debit CORE. 

However, the follow up of the approval of this type of mandates and the delivery of the mandate data by the debtor to his bank often proofs to be a real hassle. To overcome this problem, Twikey has fully automated the handling process for direct debit mandates. From now on, the customer-debtor no longer has to visit or register his mandate at his bank. KBC customers can safely settle their direct debit mandate online in just a few clicks with their electronic identity card (eID) by using the user-friendly Twikey internet environment. 

“With the additional support of KBC, we can help companies reduce the average waiting time of eight weeks to fully settle a B2B European direct debit mandate to an absolute minimum. Mistakes are no longer possible and the mandates are handled fully electronically.”, says Dominique Adriansens, founder of Twikey. “With KBC as a new partner on our platform, we are the first country in Europe to support 93 % of the companies electronically.”

“As a bank, we strive to offer our customers user-friendly products. Digital solutions such as Twikey absolutely help us to achieve this goal. Thanks to Twikey and the use of the electronic identity card (eID), our customers can now rely on a quick and safe solution to sign their mutual agreements”, confirms, Ivo De Meersman, general manager Payments and Cards

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