ChartIQ Updates Desktop Integration Platform

  • Wholesale Banking
  • 04.03.2020 10:31 am

ChartIQ, a financial technology company that delivers software to help the finance world work smarter, today introduced Finsemble 4.0, the latest release of the company’s desktop integration platform.

The product makes significant improvements in efficiency and workflows for financial businesses by connecting the huge number of applications used within an organization into one holistic desktop experience.

Finsemble 4.0 includes significant updates from its previous version, making it the most comprehensive and forward-looking integration platform in the smart desktop space. New features include advanced application management, an improved user experience, and adherence to Financial Desktop Connectivity and Collaboration Consortium (FDC3) standards.

The new FDC3 standards define specifications which allow applications to easily communicate with one another for improved workflows, integration project cost-savings, and ultimately the ability to use a wide range of best-of-breed applications so that end-users can work more efficiently. Finsemble 4.0 not only adheres to these standards, but in many instances extends them in areas such as search specification.

Dan Schleifer, CEO of ChartIQ, commented, “Many organizations don’t realize that the way they are working just isn’t working. Within the finance industry alone, end-users are using dozens, often hundreds of different applications that do not easily connect or communicate with each other. This is a huge waste of time and money, not to mention a barrier to innovation.”

Key Finsemble 4.0 features include:

For end-users:

  • Advanced application management – A new application catalog and advanced application launcher help businesses curate and access their large application libraries making it easy for end-users to discover, organize and use the apps that are most relevant to their work.
  • Updated design and user experience – A carefully designed user interface, improved window management, and visual updates create a sleek and consistent visual language that reinforces the flow state of work.
  • Remote desktop support – Remote desktop for Windows 7 and 10 is now fully supported for clients using virtualized desktops or desktop as a service

For developers:

  • FDC3 support – One of the most significant changes, Finsemble 4.0 now supports FDC3 standards.
  • New user guide and getting started tutorial – new educational tools ease the process of assembling a smart desktop from a large range of applications. Over the course of an hour, a new user can get a basic smart desktop up and running, hosted, and distributed to their colleagues. In addition, Finsemble 4.0's startup processes have been redesigned to significantly improve reliability by adding multiple stages and checkpointing to the startup sequence.

Schleifer continued, “Desktop interoperability platforms like Finsemble 4.0 and now the emerging FDC3 applications, are creating more efficient workflows and alleviating application overload – ultimately changing the way the finance world works.”

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