PaymentGenes and The Conexus Group Join Forces to Create Global Payments and Fintech Staffing Powerhouse

  • Payments
  • 01.06.2023 09:45 am
In a move set to dominate the payments and fintech talent market, PaymentGenes and The Conexus Group announce the merger of their recruitment businesses. PaymentGenes Recruitment and Headcount will combine under the PaymentGenes Recruitment brand.
The new venture will provide the full spectrum of talent acquisition services and employ a world-class team of consultants in 10 offices spanning 7 countries across 4 continents. PaymentGenes Recruitment will harness shared industry networks and knowledge to empower growth-hungry payment and fintech ecosystem players. It will offer businesses the confidence to grow, by tapping into global connectivity, domain expertise and unique market insights to scale and succeed.
Led by renowned payments industry recruitment innovators Neill Butcher, Chief Commercial Officer at The Conexus Group and Founder of Headcount, and Bram Vreugdenhil, Co-Founder and Managing Director of PaymentGenes, the joint venture comes at a pivotal time for the global fintech industry, as revenues are projected to grow sixfold from $245 billion to a staggering $1.5 trillion by 2030. Fintech and payment ecosystem players across the globe are now on the hunt to find the right talent, speed up and streamline their recruitment processes, and ensure people are being trained with the right skills and knowledge to continue innovating at pace and unleash their full potential.
Neill Butcher, Founder & Growth Consultant, Chief Commercial Officer at The Conexus Group, adds: “PaymentGenes offers everything our market needs under one roof and that's a powerful, game-changing proposition for the entire fintech industry. Sharing is multiplying, and leveraging our combined resources gives fintech players the means to continue innovating through our economies of scale. Our strong networks enable us to stay close to where fintech sector investment comes from, and to facilitate and progress job creation through all enterprise levels. With us, businesses will be able to open more doors and forge strong industry connections with senior figures and decision-makers that will underpin future growth.”
Bram Vreugdenhil, Co-Founder and Managing Director of PaymentGenes, comments: “Fintech is still underserved, something that comes through loud and clear, time and time again from the businesses we speak to. Solution innovation and consumer adoption are advancing so rapidly that there is a constant shortage of knowledge and talent. This partnership fills an important gap in the market, and by joining forces we will be the catalyst to help the fintech industry to thrive globally.”
Vreugdenhil adds: “In the current economic climate, fintechs don’t need to downsize – they need to right-size with the right people and retain them. The most important reason we decided to come together as PaymentGenes is because we both love connecting people, sharing knowledge, and partnering with ambitious companies to support them to grow and win market share. We are stronger together, and wherever our customers are, we are on the ground with them and empowering them with the people, knowledge and tools to help them scale successfully and sustainably.”
Headcount is part of The Conexus Group, a portfolio of world-class businesses specialising in the provision of recruitment, training, consulting and M&A advisory services within the fintech and iGaming industries.
In addition, The Conexus Group places a strategic growth investment in the wider PaymentGenes Group. This will allow both Groups to grow their services regarding (digital) training, consulting and M&A advisory for payments, fintech and large merchants. With these game-changing capabilities available from a single provider, fintech and payments players can now find and hire the right people, upskill talent, and continue to innovate to create next-generation products and services throughout their operational lifecycles.
The Conexus Group CEO, Rob Dowling, comments on the strategic partnership: “We are delighted to be joining up with Bram and his superb team based out of Amsterdam and North America. PaymentGenes is set to empower fintechs with a full-service solution that harnesses the recruitment, consulting and advisory strengths from the two powerhouse brands for maximum competitive edge and global reach.”
PaymentGenes Group Managing Director, Jeroen van Dijk, also comments on the strategic partnership: “We feel our international client base not only has a global talent sourcing need but also a strong demand for educational services, market entry consulting and M&A services. With the investment in our group, and the collaboration with the specialist teams at The Conexus Group, we will be best equipped to create value for our customers.”
Having cultivated over two decades’ worth of intellectual property and developed trusted relationships spanning the globe, the new joint venture will utilise its unrivaled professional networks to give fintech firms a single point of contact that is fully embedded with world leading businesses. The strategic partnership will service companies and segments spanning paytech, regtech, payment services, cyber-security, embedded finance, blockchain, digital assets, and open finance.

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