Mercury Processing Services International Now Fully Part of Nets

  • Payments
  • 05.11.2020 02:59 pm

The leading payment processing company in the South East Europe, Mercury PSI, became part of the Nets family together with the German Concardis Group in early 2019. Integrations have now been completed and the change will be embodied by merging Mercury PSI into the Nets brand.

The last phase in Mercury Processing Services International becoming part of the Nets Group is now underway. As of November 4th 2020, Mercury PSI will be fully rebranded to Nets – a natural step for the company as part of its ambition to become the European payments champion.

Torsten Hagen Jørgensen, CEO of Nets Issuer and eSecurity Services, says: “The Nordics, where Nets has its strong roots, are known for their high level of digitisation with high-quality products, services and designs. We have vast experience in providing best-in-class digital customer experiences. Building on our Nordic heritage, including our profound knowledge and understanding of the digital transformation of payments, we offer an industry-leading level of support to our customers when it comes to being digital first and growing their business with an unmatched go-to-market speed.”

“We are committed to building on this solid foundation with new and existing customers across new markets including South East Europe, combining Nets’ pan-European knowledge with the great local expertise we find in Mercury PSI,” says Jørgensen.

A concrete, visible change to existing customers will be the full absorption of Mercury PSI into the Nets brand. The Mercury PSI purple will change to Nets light blue starting November 4th. But there are many more benefits for existing and new customers behind the scenes. Zdenek Houser, former Head of Mercury PSI and now Country Director for Nets in Croatia and Slovenia explains:

“In the rapidly consolidating payments business, scale plays an increasingly important role. I’m excited that new and existing customers in our region will now benefit from partnering with a substantially bigger, but also very innovative player in the industry, with a true customer focus and digital-first mindset.”

“We are very eager to leverage from our strong position in the South East European market to reach new customers with our combined, modern offering, and also bringing new capabilities to our existing customers through our future-proof, end-to-end solutions,” says Houser.

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