linked2pay To Launch Bank Centric Payments

  • Payments
  • 06.08.2015 01:00 am

linked2pay, an award winning provider of ACH and credit card payment solutions announced today the launch of Bank Centric Payments™. Initial bank and reselling partners are deploying the solution.

As a white labeled solution platform (SOA) it seamlessly delivers the tools and access layers for banks to easily deploy, provision and manage low cost, feature-packed payment (card and ACH) solutions out to resellers and merchants (SMB and enterprise). The comprehensive administration tools are delivered via an intuitive interface and includes a library of APIs that provide a versatile building block approach for payment process automation.

Merchants can be provided with one or all of these payment options: online forms, mobile, email, virtual terminal, IVR, shopping cart emulation and checkout.

Here are some of the unique aspects of Bank Centric Payments™:

  • Rapidly deploys a fully white labeled solution
  • Positions bank to underwrite and control access and limits
  • On-Off control of solution options by merchant
  • Bank control over service levels (options and pricing)
  • ACH file delivery to bank as ODFI or third party (ODFI)
  • Serves the bank, its resellers, ISVs, and merchants concurrently
  • Instant replacement for ‘sunset solutions’

The solution is designed to be an ideal option for financial institutions that prefer the ‘rent’ versus ‘buy or build’ options when it comes to payments technology. Additionally, the ACH innovation is built into more broadly used payment acceptance options, which offers improved retention and growth opportunities for a bank and its affiliated partners and resellers.

“Bank Centric Payments leverages our proven, robust payments platform as a white label with the tools and access layers that make it easy and cost effective for a bank to provision low cost, feature-packed payment (card and ACH) solutions out to resellers and merchants (SMB and enterprise) in a secure and harmonized way. We are pleased to be working with our strong bank and reseller partners to bring Bank Centric Payments to the market," according to Robert McShirley, CEO of linked2pay.

A live demo illustrating how to add Bank Centric Payments™ to your existing web site is available at

The solution set for resellers also includes the tools to add and manage sales agents, manage 1099-K data, access integrated billing, maintain branding and more. The linked2pay team also provides sales support (banks and resellers) along with ongoing merchant support in a prime or back-up position.

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