IXOPAY Partners with Silverflow

  • Payments , Cloud
  • 16.06.2021 08:30 am

Clients get access to best-of-breed payments orchestration and cloud-based acquiring.

Industry leading payment orchestration platform IXOPAY, partners with Silverflow, the global payments technology company. This partnership will allow IXOPAY clients to upgrade their card payments process by switching to cloud based acquiring.

The world of online payments is a new and constantly evolving ecosystem. PSPs, Gateways, risk and fraud engines, APMs (alternative payment methods), are unlikely to be older than 20 years and those that are have been revamped and modernized since inception. But for card payments, which still have the majority share of online payments, the last mile of delivery is processed via platforms that are at least 20 years old. This limits them in terms of the data they can carry, the functionality they can provide, and makes them cumbersome to work with. In many cases, valuable information provided by the card networks is dropped or distilled and acquirers and merchants cannot react to auth/decline/chargeback reason codes and lack an accurate view of scheme/network costs.

Silverflow solves these issues. Through a single API, users can establish or retain an existing commercial agreement with any acquirer without having to connect to that acquirer’s legacy platform. Once the acquirer’s BIN/ICA is loaded onto the Silverflow platform, card processing becomes available to those users as well as full data and cost transparency coupled with simple, fast onboarding and advanced chargeback handling. Scheme updates, mandates, and innovation are deployed at speed on Silverflow’s platform.

IXOPAY clients, such as financially licensed institutions, payment service providers, and ISOs, will benefit from state-of-the-art cloud based acquiring, cascading, and unparalleled risk management functions. From one platform, users benefit from simplified integrations of acquirers, payment service providers, and risk service providers.

Quote: “The partnership with Silverflow is very exciting, by combining our best of breed platform with cloud based card acquiring our clients will have access to the best payments technology providing their merchants with a best in class service.” Said Rene Siegl, Founder and Executive Chairman of IXOPAY

Quote: “IXOPAY is an industry leading payment orchestration platform and we are pleased to be selected as one of their partners as it highlights the strength of our technology. Together we can provide clients and their merchants a world class payments setup.” Added Anne Willem de Vries, Co-Founder and CEO of Silverflow.

Upgrade your payment setup with IXOPAY and Silverflow.

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