Just 1 in 10 European P2P Lending Platforms Offers Loans from Outside Europe

  • P2P Lending
  • 30.06.2021 10:55 am

Only 13% of European P2P lending platforms provide diversification opportunities outside Europe, according to the latest research by the investment platform Robo.cash. As stated by the analysts, it is the European segment that is likely to take the leading position worldwide in the future.

The researchers reviewed 101 European P2P lending platforms to find that they offer loans in 45 countries worldwide. The study shows that 87% of the analyzed platforms operate exclusively in European countries. They work on familiar territory and know the economy, population and political situation from the inside. 

Only 13% of all European P2P platforms issue loans outside Europe. These platforms finance countries in Asia, Africa and America and mainly focus on the consumer lending segment. They operate through unaffiliated lenders or their own lending companies within a single financial holding.

“There are 16 countries, including Singapore, Zambia, Columbia, Australia, and China, where only one platform is present. Most often, such a proposal is made by financial holdings that have formed a stable business model for working with any country in the world where there is a sufficient demand for their product. In general, it is quite possible that in the foreseeable future the European segment of P2P lending will take the lead in the global expansion and financing emerging markets” - comment the analysts from Robo.cash.

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