DoFinance Enters Asia and Opens a Representative Office in Indonesia

DoFinance Enters Asia and Opens a Representative Office in Indonesia
17.05.2017 07:30 am

DoFinance Enters Asia and Opens a Representative Office in Indonesia

P2P Lending

DoFinance opens European peer-to-peer investment gates to private investors in Asia. In becoming the first European-based P2P platform to open a customer centre in Indonesia, DoFinance connects a customer-oriented approach set to European standards and Asian investors.

Month after launching the peer-to-peer lending platform for investors in Europe, DoFinance ( is expanding and, by entering Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea and India, is also becoming available to investors in Asia. “The financial market in Asia is rapidly growing, and becoming increasingly stable. As a result, there is a continuous demand for new FinTech solutions. Due to the large population and conservative banking industry, Asia is an attractive destination for financial technologies. People in Asia are looking for safe investment opportunities, and they perceive European market as reliable. There is a huge financial capital in Southeast Asia, and we are offering to effectively invest that in Europe. The total GDP of Southeast Asia is USD 2.3 trillion and is growing by 5% annually,” says Janis Kulikovskis, co-founder of DoFinance, who has been working in trade, manufacturing and the logistics industry in Asia for a number of years.

“Although P2P lending is an online business, excellent customer service is also tremendously important in this industry. Our customer service centre in Indonesia gives us a broader view on the Asian market. Meantime, each investor receives a customised approach – our clients have the chance to communicate with regional company representatives who understand their needs and wishes and will fulfil them in practice. People are our core value; hence, easy, accessible and user-friendly financial services as well as excellent customer service are our priorities. Investors in Europe appreciate this – 95% of our clients would recommend services of the Alfa Finance Group, of which DoFinance is a subsidiary to their friends and relatives. Now our services are also available to investors in Asia,” adds Viesturs Kulikovskis, risk assessment and management expert and co-founder of DoFinance.

As previously reported, with the total investment volume reaching €2 million, the Alfa Finance Group launched a new P2P lending platform DoFinance ( where investors from all EU, EEA and now also Asian countries have the chance to invest in consumer loans, earning an annual return of up to 12%. All loans on DoFinance are secured with a BuyBack guarantee, but, unlike on many other P2P platforms, the invested money is available directly and you can get your funds back. In addition, the Auto Invest programme on DoFinance reinvests funds the moment the borrower returns the loan and the investor’s money becomes available, hence an investment never sits idle; it is always earning.

DoFinance is part of the Alfa Finance Group – an online lending and investment management company operating in Europe, Transcaucasia and Asia. Since its launch in 2015, the Alfa Finance group has attracted more than 150,000 registered clients and over €16 million in loans issued as financing loans. Loans available for investment on DoFinance originate from the Alfa Finance Group. While its headquarters are located in Latvia, the Alfa Finance Group also has offices in Indonesia, Poland and Georgia. 

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