It's Do-or-Die for Banking Customer Service this Weekend

  • Mike Davies, EMEA VP at GMC Software

  • 25.11.2016 12:30 pm
  • Banking

Being able to resolve customer concerns over this weekend could prove the difference between them getting a good deal on Christmas presents, or missing out and feeling angry with their bank. Customers experiencing problems on Black Friday and Cyber Monday are likely to approach their banks through a range of ways, including in a branch, over the phone and on social media. The banks that will please their customers over this period are the ones that are able to have a unified approach to customers; wasting time chasing down information that’s hidden in siloes could prove damaging, slowing things down by replicating tasks, content and data and creating a lack of consistency in customer communications.


Matthieu Clauzure, Brand and marketing manager at CCA International

“With people purchasing big-ticket items on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, banks are going to see unusual spikes of activity in some of their customers’ accounts. If banking systems suspect fraudulent activity is taking place and block payments going through, customers could end up missing out on the best deal possible. As such, at this time it’s crucial for banks that their customer service operation is able to resolve issues straight away. Today’s customer is largely self-servicing, less tolerant and expects issues to be resolved at lightning speed, so banks must ensure they are empowering customers to speak with them however they want, whenever they want, in a human manner.”

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