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Banks produce copious amounts of data daily through customer transactions, financial activities and from external markets. The raw data in itself has little value unless it is properly captured, consolidated, stored and extracted into ‘actionable information’. Read more »

While the Australian superannuation industry has been preoccupied in recent years with responding to a raft of regulatory change, the world has not stood still. Read more »

It has been six long years since the Financial Crisis and it is only now that significant changes are being made by the credit risk community. However, uncertainty continues to loom over the industry as regulatory expectations shift and analytics capabilities evolve. Read more »

Worldwide, banks operate in a highly complex and competitive landscape. The boundaries of ompetition have gradually extended from peer banks to insurance companies, investment companies, mortgage companies and across multiple geographies. Read more »

The evolution of KiwiSaver

Our follow up participants – University of Auckland, Financial Services Council, ANZ, ASB and Milford Asset Management – represent a cross section of KiwiSaver stakeholders (i.e. academia, industry bodies, default Read more »

Technological change has resulted in treasurers being able to perform their traditional roles much more efficiently. Globalization has allowed treasury to be managed from a single location across even the most complex multinational corporations. Read more »

The Banking sector is renowned for the volume and velocity of Data it generates, transmits and stores. Read more »

While the life insurance industry continues to experience growth, there is an inherent fragility in a sector being weighed down by its legacy business. Read more »

Many companies are still trying to understand the difference between Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Application Software Provider (ASP) in treasury. To make it worse, technology terms such as “cloud,” “hosted,” etc. add to the confusion. But what is all the fuss about anyway? Read more »

The responsibilities of the treasurer are expanding and commodity management is increasingly moving from procurement to treasury. Read more »


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