Dion goes live with ‘AlphaClick’ solution for private equity and venture capital firms

  • Wholesale Banking
  • 23.09.2014 01:00 am

Dion Global Solutions (Dion) (BSE: 526927), technology partner to the financial services industry, has launched a new technology solution, AlphaClick, which enhances portfolio monitoring for private equity and venture capital firms.

AlphaClick streamlines the collection and analysis of portfolio company data, enabling fund managers to meet increased transparency and reporting requirements. Dion has deployed the solution at RTP Ventures, a US-based venture capital firm specialising in investing into software companies.

AlphaClick transforms the way firms analyse portfolio company data, automatically turning raw investee information into actionable insights. This dramatically reduces time spent on collecting, processing and analysing data, and simplifies and improves reporting and decision-making. Experienced financial analysts support the automated validation and standardisation;ensuring fund managers have access to the highest quality data. Deviations between targeted and actual performance are highlighted by comparing portfolio performance across reporting cycles on an ’as-reported’ and standardised basis with dynamic analytics tools such as waterfall charts etc.

“AlphaClick enables us to track and analyse portfolio company data at both a granular and rolled-up level of detail on a like-for-like basis, which is critical to decision-making. Once the data is centrally located AlphaClick also becomes an integral platform for reporting as well," said Steve Berg, Senior Analyst at RTP Ventures. Anurag Garg, President, Financial Research & Information, Dion said: “We wanted to take the headache out of data management for private equity and venture capital firms. In other parts of financial services, technology exists to trade in less than a millisecond and make payments from your smartphone wherever you are in the world. However, private equity and venture capital firms are still relying on manual processes to retrieve and Dion Global Solutions manipulate vital information. This provides clients with the ability and confidence to access  the technology they deserve and need for their business.”

AlphaClick, is available on a Software as a Service (‘SaaS’) basis hosted in the cloud. It was developed using HTML5 and is compatible with all browsers and platforms.

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