New Wavex Partnership Enables Staff to Help Fight Homelessness in London

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  • 10.05.2017 02:45 pm

 Wavex Technology, the London-based IT services provider with a strong focus on user safety and business cyber security, has announced a charitable partnership with Providence Row that gives staff the opportunity to volunteer during normal work hours, fully funded by Wavex. 

The partnership with Providence Row, a UK charity helping to tackle the root causes of homelessness since 1860, allows Wavex staff to participate in one voluntary class per year, offering their skills, knowledge and expertise across three given subject areas: IT Skills, Art and English. This assists the charity in its mission to provide support, training and improve employability prospects for people affected by homelessness across the city of London.

James Broxton, project delivery engineer, Wavex, has already volunteered his time as part of this scheme to teach IT Skills and is planning to continue volunteering with Providence Row.

“My time spent volunteering really helped open my mind to people who are less privileged than myself, and it made me realise that helping someone with something as simple as using a computer keyboard to write a CV can have such a significant impact on their future,” said James. “The experience was really fulfilling — it’s amazing to see someone complete a task that they never thought they could do previously — and it’s something I think more businesses in London should be encouraging.”

Providence Row sees around 1,300 people in London every year who have been impacted by the effects of homelessness. It prides itself on building the skills and confidence of those that walk through its doors through trainee schemes, languages classes and employment support. It also provides support with mental health and substance misuse issues for those that require it.

Stephanie Harvey, Head of Fundraising at Providence Row, says: “The help of volunteers makes a huge difference to our charity, allowing us to increase our capacity and provide crucial one-to-one support to a far higher number of people. Importantly, it also gives the people we work with and volunteers from Wavex the opportunity to broaden their social networks and horizons, building confidence and breaking down barriers. Through our partnership with Wavex, we’re one step closer to bringing the local East London community together and smashing the stigma of homelessness.”

Gavin Russell, chief executive officer, Wavex, says: “It’s easy for any business to get caught up with the demands of the day-to-day job, but we want to make sure we never lose sight of the issues that really matter. That’s why we’re honoured to be working closely alongside Providence Row to offer this volunteering scheme to all our staff, and are encouraging our employees to assist the charity in the important work they do.”

The Providence Row volunteering scheme is now available to all Wavex staff.

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