Clausematch launches Partnerships and Certification programme

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  • 19.08.2021 09:26 am

Global RegTech firm Clausematch officially announced today the launch of the Partnerships and Certification programme. The main goal of the programme is to create an end-to-end holistic solution and an ecosystem for a complete compliance process, as well as educate the market we're working with to get wider adoption of digital transformation. 

Launching the program, Clausematch is becoming the base component of a complete end-to-end compliance management solution both for financial institutions and regulators. Digitalisation of the regulation, creating machine-readable regulations is the objective many regulators across the globe are following. 

"To help both regulators and the regulated firms to build up a more mature digital regulatory compliance framework is a priority for Clausematch. Many of the global leading regulatory authorities are actively engaged in initiatives exploring available technology to connect regulations, firms’ governance documentation and compliance processes in order to ensure overall stability and efficiency of the market. Resulting in great demand for complete end-to-end compliance solutions," Anastasia Dokuchaeva, Head of Product and Partnerships at Clausematch, commented. 

A good example of such a partnership is our current work in the energy sector where we were able to help digitize part of Ofgem's SEC Energy Code by partnering with Gemserv, digitizing and making it machine-readable. The higher goal and objective is to accelerate and promote the adoption of digital regulation across multiple industries and different sectors. 

‘We are delighted to announce that we are now a Clausematch Certified Partner. Having used Clausematch technology to deliver value and results to our clients we have come to know the platform and team very well. We are committed to supporting Clausematch in the achievement of goals and deepening our partnership with this RegTech innovator,’ - Jahan Haroon, Head of CodeWorks commented.

Clausematch is known for designing and delivering high-class solutions for automating policy management and compliance. The company is looking to also engage with compliance-as-a-service firms that could deliver implementation and consulting helping our projects develop. The aim is to offer the best possible service for the clients. 

While integration with horizon scanning providers will enable Clausematch to provide regulatory change management across the massive corpus of global regulatory requirements. 

A part of becoming a partner is receiving education and training at Clausematch. The certification includes online courses and attestation which aims to get more partners to be officially qualified to use the system. Clausematch family currently accounts for 6 certified partners: Gemserv, PWC, NovaVu, FinTrail, Beyond, Change Gap. All of these companies have been trained and are subject matter experts in Clausematch technology. Also, there are several additional partners that are licensed resellers of the Clausematch technology.

"Change Gap is creating a strong ecosystem to help accelerate RegTech Adoption, and Clausematch has been a keen partner in this.  We look forward to working together to 'turn up the volume' on this hugely important and exciting topic in the months ahead," - Sarah Sinclair, COO & Co-Founder at Change Gap said.

After completion of the program, the partners will be officially qualified to consult, integrate and sell Clausematch solutions. The benefits of partnering with Clausematch include revenue stream, differentiation from competitors, added value, working with new clients.

For more information on the Partnerships and Certification programme please visit our website

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