Hardbacon Acquires Findmytotal.com to Expand Its Portfolio of Financial Calculators

  • Personal Finance
  • 16.12.2021 04:00 pm

 Hardbacon, a personal finance application used by more than 30,000 Canadians, announced today the acquisition of Findmytotal.com introducing an expanded offering of financial tools.

As part of the partnership, Hardbacon has leveraged Findmytotal.com proprietary technology to expand its library of financial calculators to help Canadians make the most of their financial planning, mortgage, investing, loans and more. Hardbacon’s library currently features nearly 30 calculators that allow Canadians to calculate everything from personal loans and investment fees, to vacation savings, to name a few.

The acquisition solidifies Hardbacon’s commitment to help Canadians take responsibility for their personal finances. The addition also allows Hardbacon to expand its offering of financial tools that are most important to Canadians.

This acquisition is another step that accelerates Hardbacon’s commitment to help Canadians take responsibility for their personal finances and allows us to serve them via a unique set of tools,” said Hardbacon CEO, Julien Brault. “By purchasing Findmytotal.com, we are gaining access to a library of financial calculators and we will be able to launch more tools faster through access to their technology and their team.”

Founded by Sanam Patel, Findmytotal.com is a website making available a wide range of scientific and financial calculators to the public. Their dedicated team leverages the latest in technology to create easy-to use calculators, and will be an integral part to the Hardbacon team to create new ones.

“This is a unique opportunity to share the power of Findmytotal.com with a wide audience and we are excited to benefit from Hardbacon’s reputation and expertise in the financial space in Canada,” said Patel. “Hardbacon shares our passion for helping everyone take care of their finances and we can’t wait to grow with them.”

The financial calculators work in just a few easy steps. Canadians can now access the library of financial calculators at hardbacon.ca.

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